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Environmental protection

In everything it does, TDK Electronics is fully aware of its responsibility toward future generations. Going beyond mere compliance with and the implementation of all relevant requirements, our goal is to constantly improve the company’s energy efficiency and continually reduce our consumption of resources. In 1998, we introduced an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system across all our facilities worldwide. External institutions monitor our strict compliance with all relevant requirements. The energy management systems at our European facilities are also accredited in accordance with ISO 50001.

Worldwide, we already generate more than two thirds of the energy we use from renewable sources. We avoid hazardous substances and reduce waste to a minimum. TDK Electronics also places strong emphasis on the environmentally compatible disposal of wastewater.

Central tenets of TDK Electronics’ environmental protection, energy and occupational health and safety policy

  1. We work continuously toward reducing the burden on the environment, toward minimizing associated risks and toward lowering the use of energy and resources, above and beyond the legal requirements.
  2. We take appropriate precautions to avoid environmental hazards and to prevent damage to the environment.
  3. Potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in process and product planning at the earliest possible stage from a life cycle perspective.
  4. By applying environmental, energy and occupational health and safety (OH&S) management, we ensure that this policy is implemented effectively. The technical and organizational procedures required to do this are monitored regularly and constantly further developed. We strive for continual improvement of our management systems by establishing objectives to improve the environmental, energy and OH&S performance.
  5. Every employee is required to act in an environmental conscious manner and to regard the rules of labor safety. It is the constant duty of management to increase and encourage awareness of responsibility for environment, energy consumption and occupational health and safety at all levels.
  6. We work with our business partners to promote conformity with similar objectives. We supply our stakeholders with information on ways to minimize any potentially adverse impacts of our products to the environment or occupational health and safety.
  7. We work in a spirit of cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  8. We inform the public of the impact on the environment caused by the company and our activities related to the environment and occupational health and safety.
  9. We consider ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment as first priority to avoid work-related injury and ill health. We comply with all applicable legal requirements and with all requirements that relate to OH&S risks.
  10. We take preventive measures to reduce risks for our employees and eliminate hazards. We involve our employees in OH&S-related processes.
  11. We support the purchase of renewable energy and of energy efficient products, machines and services that improve our energy-related performance.

Ecological sustainability in our products

Alongside benefits to the customer, quality and cost-effectiveness, environmental protection is another key criterion in our evaluation of products. Our components and solutions help to save energy in all kinds of applications, reduce emission and consumption levels in combustion engines, and make electric vehicles more efficient. We supply key components for photovoltaic installations, wind turbines and low-loss high-voltage DC transmission systems. Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly materials and reduce weights and volumes to minimize the consumption of resources.

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Fact sheet: Input/output analysis

Comparison 2020/2021

Fiscal Years





Energy consumption




Water consumption








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Metalls (Products)




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The TDK Electronics fiscal year goes from April 1 until March 31 of the following year.

Environmental management at the TDK Corporation