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If you are interested in becoming our supplier or need more information on strengthening your relationship with TDK, you will find all the necessary information here.

Become a supplier

We expect fairness and transparency on both sides and insist that suppliers comply with all relevant laws and provisions in relation to product quality and product safety, environmental protection, data security, fair trade, ethical practices, health and safety, human rights and working conditions. Find out what requirements we place on our suppliers.

Supplier relationship portal SAP ARIBA

As part of our digitalization effort, TDK introduced the web-based SAP Ariba platform to manage all supplier relationships.

This new software solution enhances global collaboration with our business partners and allows deeper visibility and insights into our supply chain. You as our supplier have direct access to global TDK procurement teams and receive the opportunity to extend your existing business relationship inside the TDK organization.

Here you will find all information on how to qualify as our supplier, maintain a successful relationship and transact with TDK using SAP ARIBA.

Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions

Here you can access our Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions. The documents are available for download in different languages.

Size Download
153[kB] German
192[kB] English
279[kB] English / Indonesia
290[kB] 中国


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