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Occupational health and safety

TDK Electronics attaches great importance to health and safety at the workplace. The company ensures strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations at all times, and also applies internal rules based on an ISO 45001-compliant occupational health and safety management system. Within the framework of this system, workplaces are evaluated in order to identify hazards, guard against accidents and minimize risks. Risk factors include mechanical and electrical hazards, hazardous substances, fires and physical and/or psychological stresses. Consistent occupational health and safety rules and regulations also apply to all our production facilities. Compliance is monitored and ensured on site by designated occupational health and safety officers.

Beyond these measures, TDK Electronics encourages its staff to proactively protect their own safety and that of others. To this end, employees are taught to understand and comply with occupational health and safety rules, to report incidents, accidents and “near misses”, to attend all necessary training courses and to personally commit themselves to a safe and healthy working environment.

Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety policy of TDK Electronics contributes to protect and grow a safe and environmentally responsible business in a way that helps earn the respect of society.

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