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Infineon OPTIREG™  ​​​​​​​TLF35584QVVS1 PMIC Board

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Infineon OPTIREGTM TLF35584QVVS1 PMIC board is an application board enabling you to test the analog performance of the highly efficient functional safety PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit), be it TLF35584QVHS1 or TLF35584QVVS1. The device consists of a step up/down pre-regulator, three linear post-regulators and two trackers, and is the preferred companion for AURIX™ microcontrollers.

The following TDK components were designed into the PCB board: Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC), SMT Inductors, Inductors, Common Mode Filters and Chokes for automotive applications. All products are qualified according to AEC-Q200 standard.


  • OPTIREG™ PMIC and the passive external components integrated on one PCB
  • Optimized layout
  • Connector available to enable fast oscilloscope measurements
  • ISO26262 compliant


  • Get acquainted with safety system-supply mechanisms of TLF35x in a protected environment
  • Get expertise and save time: PCB layout and BOM indication to play around with
  • Quick set-up to verify the configuration meets your system requirements


  • Analog testing of TLF35x power supply performance without the need of a MCU
  • Testing of FuSa related functions: WWD, FWD, Err signal, SS1/SS2, INT


ParametricsTLF35584QVVS1 Board
Family DC/DC Converter
Language SPICE
Output voltage 5.8 V
Product description This application board enables you to test the performance of the TLF35584QVxS1 functional safety system-supply for AURIX™ micro processor. The device consists of a step up/down pre regulator and three linear post regulators and two trackers.
Qualification Automotive
Supply voltage
min. max.
14.0 V / 3.0 V / 40.0 V
Target application Automotive

TDK Products & Benefits

Referenced / mounted TDK products

  • Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • SMT Inductors
  • Common Mode Filters and Chokes for automotive applications

TDK product benefits

  • Wide range of soft termination MLCCs to avoid short or open mode failures
  • Qualified to AEC-Q200
  • Automotive grade


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Aurix™ Mid TC37x & High TC39x with Infineon OPTIREGTM TLF35584QVVS1 PMIC + EVRC (Embedded Voltage Regulator Core)

Potential Applications



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TLF35584 Product presentation


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