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Corporate citizenship

TDK Electronics is aware of its responsibilities toward society. Serving the common good of the communities around our facilities is an integral element of our corporate philosophy. We concentrate on three aspects: education, society and the environment. While engaging in corporate action, we also encourage the individual commitment of our employees.



We want to give better educational opportunities to children and young people and support the training and development of qualified talents.

 Bild Hongqi

Hongqi, China
The plant in Hongqi set up a library for a local elementary school. For years, it has also presented schoolchildren with awards for exceptional progress and achievements. 

 Bild Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Our Berlin facility seeks to get children from socially deprived families interested in technology. Engineers regularly visit a learning workshop and demonstrate exciting experiments. The facility also supports the acquisition of research material. 


We strive to constantly make a positive contribution to development among the local population.

 Bild München Scheckübergabe

Munich, Germany
At its headquarters, TDK Electronics supports a variety of social projects aimed primarily at children and senior citizens. Go here for more information about our Christmas donations campaign.  
 Bild NashikRun

Nashik, India
Together with Bosch, our factory in Nashik is the main organizer and sponsor of the annual Nashik Run. Starting fees and donations are distributed to socially deprived people in this large Indian city. The Nashik Run Foundation also takes part in projects to improve medical care and the quality of drinking water, for example.