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New life for old uniforms

Old TDK uniforms are not simply thrown away at the Batam site in Indonesia. They are given a new life as bags, sofa cushions, head covers, aprons, pencil cases and much more. The best thing about it is that everyone benefits. The women who rework the uniforms receive an additional income, people with disabilities are supported, waste is reduced and the environment is protected.

Like so many other sustainability projects, this was made possible by Umama Turiamah, Head of Social Contribution Activities at the Batam site. The last time she was on the road to reduce plastic waste, she heard from women who were good at sewing and would be happy to have an additional income. At the same time, she used her contacts at a school for people with disabilities. “We have already supported the school several times, including TDK employees painting classrooms and donating work materials and musical instruments to the students,” she says. And, “we knew that the students would learn to work independently, which includes sewing and cooking.”

A total of around 15 women and students are involved in the project. Together, they have reworked around 2,000 old uniforms and made around 500 new items from them, which are sold on various occasions. And it continues. Every year, up to 500 uniforms are sorted out at the site, each weighing about half a kilo, which amounts to 250 kilos of waste that is not accumulated.

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