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CLT32 Power Inductors

Tiny giants for ADAS/AD systems 

ADAS and AD systems place very high demands on the reliability of the used components. That’s why TDK has developed the CLT32 product series for inductors used in power management units. This innovative and extremely compact series is setting new standards with regard to reliability, miniaturization and electrical parameters.


 Outstanding electrical performance 

  • High Isat up to 60A 
  • Ultra-low RDC
  • Very high efficiency thanks to low AC losses
  • Low saturation drift at high temperature
  • ESD tested up to 2 kV to AEC-Q200
  • Temperature range up to 165 °C
  • Wide frequency range up to 10 MHz

Extremely compact size

  • Dimensions of only 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm
  • Highest current handling capability in this size
  • Competitor solutions with similar electrical performance have 2 to nearly 4 times larger footprints.
  • CLT32 offers significant PCB space and cost-saving potential

High reliability due to

  • No internal connections
  • Thick copper structure
  • Best insulation system
  • Similar CTE of the different materials
  • Low thermal stress



The compact and highly robust CLT32 inductors are ideal for use in safety-critical automotive applications like ADAS/AD. High-performance processors used in these fields require currents in the double-digit ampere range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the strong points of CLT32 compared to conventional inductor technologies?

The CLT32 has a robust copper structure with no internal connections. The molded body is the core and housing in one unit. So this new inductor offers extremely high reliability.

Why should I use CLT32 instead of other power inductor series?

CLT32 has an outstanding power density, which means in case of space limitation it is the perfect solution. And, because of its low AC-losses it allows higher ripple currents which can enable lower capacitance values in DC/DC converters. Overall CLT32 can help to reduce system costs.

What properties characterize the magnetic molding compound?

It is a completely newly developed ferromagnetic plastic compound. Particularly noteworthy are the low core losses, the excellent electrical properties even at high frequencies and the high-temperature range. In addition, the material can be processed with low pressure and low temperature, which avoids unwanted stress on the coil during production.

Will there be other CLT sizes?

Other case sizes are under development.

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PDF Size/Series Design Inductance (µH) Rated current (Typ.) (A) Type
3.2x2.5x2.5 --- 0.017 - 0.44 10.1 - 45 CLT32

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ADAS and AD systems place very high demands on the reliability of the components used. With the new CLT32 power inductors, TDK has developed a completely new product series for power management units that sets new standards in reliability, miniaturization and electrical parameters.

STEP files

Download the CLT32 step file here!

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