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Elimination of harmonics in PFC-systems 1)


  • Industrial applications, data centers, office buildings and shopping centres


  • Elimination of harmonics (2nd to 50th order)
  • dynamic VAR compensation (inductive and capacitive)
  • active load balancing to all three phases
  • reduction of neutral conductor currents (when using the 4-wire-PQSine filter - ordering code B44066F****S***)

Customer benefits

  • High performance 3 level topology filter
  • Improves power quality and system reliability
  • Very user-friendly, plain language menu on TFT color touchscreen
  • Highest safety because of multiple protection features

Please follow the link below for more details on PQSine.


1) Products shown on this page reflect typical specifications. You are kindly requested to approve our product specifications or request our approval for your specifications before ordering.