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Power Quality Solutions

 PFC Katalog PP


The updated Product Profile provides an overview of the product range for Power Quality Solutions (PQS) and contains general information about power factor correction (PFC). Detailed technical data helps users to select suitable components.

  • PFC capacitor series, PhaseCap Energy Plus, PhaseCap Premium, DeltaCap, DeltaCap X Black Premium and PhiCap
  • Power factor controller series BR604, BR6000 and BR7000
  • Multi-measuring interfaces MMI6000, MMI7000 and MMI8003
  • Grid analysis tool MC7000
  • Capacitor contactors
  • TSM series of thyristor modules for dynamic PFC
  • Harmonic filter reactors and discharge reactors
  • PQSine S series of active harmonic filters
  • PQvar series of static var generators (SVG)
  • Accessories such as protection covers and discharge resistors

Edition 03.22, 128 pages, English

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