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Ultrasonic Sensor Module

Compact and robust

The compact ultrasonic sensor module detects objects using ultrasonic waves, which are transmitted and received with only one piezoelectric disc. Here, an integrated driver and signal processor is used for signal generation and processing. The very compact design transforms the ultrasonic sensor module into a highly robust and versatile component with a mechanical decoupling element and excellent EMC characteristics. The ultrasonic sensor module is also protected against dust and water according to IP65 and IP67. As such, it is ideally suitable for numerous industrial applications and applications in harsh environments.


 Benefit Robustness Pic

Mechanical and electrical robustness

  • Very compact dimensions
  • Plastic housing enables stable structure and easy system integration 
  • Decoupling element provides stable measurement despite chassis vibration
  • Water and dust-protected chassis integration up to IP65/67
  • High electromagnetic compatibility
 Benefit Features Pic

Characteristics and features

  • Emitting and receiving of ultrasonic waves with only one single piezoelectric disc
  • Transducer including intelligent integrated controller in one module
  • Measuring range
    • 18 to 500 cm in single mode
    • 4 to 500 cm in pitch-and-catch mode
  • Field of view up to 90°
  • Low average power consumption of 5.5 mA @ 12 V supply voltage
  • Digital IO interface
 Benefit ASIC Pic

Advanced ASIC technology integrated

  • Advanced signal processing
  • Near field detection
  • Noise suppression
  • Programmable settings adjustable by customer
    • Pre-programmed EEPROM 
    • Additional internal RAM for customer use 



All our sites are certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001

Basic working principle of measurement

 Schema Pic
  • Time-of-flight sensor (in air) according

    = ½·ToF·cair

    d: distance | ToF: time-of-flight | cair sound velocity in air
  • Integrated driver and signal processor controls piezo disk and calculates time of flight
  • Piezo disks emits and receives ultrasound waves
  • Time of flight signal to External Control Unit by Digital bidirectional IO
  • Distance calculated by external ECU


 Level Sensing
 Autonomous Guided Vehicles
 Industrial Robots

Ultrasonic sensor module packages

Ultrasonic Sensor Module

 1 USSM sensor Pic

Ultrasonic Sensor Module (USSM) for touchless object detection and level measurement in industrial applications. 

TDK Demo Kit

 3 USSM demo kit Pic

The TDK Demo Kit includes the TDK demo board with USB-A to micro-B cable, two Ultrasonic Sensor Modules, two sensor cables and two gaskets. 

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PDF Ordering code Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Capacitance (pF) Serial resonance frequency (kHz) Type
B59110W2111W032 22 10.5 --- 74.5 USSM1.0 PLUS-FS

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Frequently asked questions

Can the ultrasonic sensor module be operated with less than 12 V?

The minimum voltage for the sensor to start up is around 8 V. The nominal supply voltage is 12 V, so a DC-DC converter and a level shifter for the IO line is required.

What is the operating temperature range?

The operating temperature range is between -40 °C to +85 °C. The functionality (max. distance) may be reduced at extreme temperatures.

What is the resolution of the measurement?

The resolution depends on the circumstances and measurement environment. Under ideal conditions, an accuracy of about 4 mm can be reached but for most scenarios about 1 cm is to be expected.  

Can the module detect an object closer than 18 cm?

Object detection without distance measurement is possible up to 0 cm with one single module. Object detection with distance measurement up to 4 cm is possible using multiple ultrasonic sensor modules.

How does temperature affect the measurement?

The speed of sound in air depends on the temperature and can be approximated as c = 331 m/s + 0.6 * T. Since the sensor's output signal is the time of flight, the temperature should be compensated.

How does the environment influence the measurement (rain, snow, etc.)?

Heavy rain, snow or dust deposited on the membrane surface can reduce the acoustic signal influencing the measurement capability. Light rain or snowfall does not affect the measurement.

Is triangulation (3D-view) possible?

The use of multiple ultrasonic sensor modules, triangulation, is possible.

What colors of the module are available?

Currently only black color is available.

Can the module work behind coverage (i.e. behind a glass cover)?

As the module works with ultrasonic sound, a "clear" view on the target is required. Therefore it may not be placed behind a covering. 

How are the modules calibrated?

During production TDK ensures excellent quality by measuring the impedance, coupling factors, and q-factors along with other specifications. At the final end-of-line test, the driving frequency, damping, and analog and digital gain factors are calibrated to ensure consistent echo detection. For even more accurate results, TDK recommends performing a final calibration of the sensor after assembly on the customer side (mainly the distance and echo height).

Does TDK have any recommended parameters/configurations for the module?

The sensors are shipped with a standard configuration that works well in most applications. For further customer-specific parametrization, please get in touch with us directly.

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