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The Deutschlandsberg site in Austria

November 25, 2020

Half a century of expertise in ceramics


The TDK site in Deutschlandsberg has 50 successful years behind it. During this time, the plant has accumulated continuously knowledge and experience in electronic components and launched a stream of innovations on the market. Today, it is well established as a development and production hub within the TDK Group – a byword for technical competence in electroceramics, robotics and Industry 4.0.

Styria is a leading research region not just in Austria, but in Europe, and the TDK Deutschlandsberg site, with over 50 years under its belt, is an essential part of this. About 900 people from more than 25 countries are currently employed at the facility. Of them, more than 200 work on new products and solutions, mainly for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics, as well as for communication technologies. The plant possesses a total of over 1,000 active patents.

Dynamic portfolio with strong growth potential

Products from Deutschlandsberg, such as multilayer varistors and thermistors, CeraLink® ceramic capacitors and ultrasonic sensor modules, are already addressing a wide range of applications and are increasingly to be used in new future markets, such as 5G mobile communication. The product portfolio is expanded further by innovative products based on semiconductor technology, such as TVS diodes, which guard sensitive electronics against electrostatic discharges.

CeraCharge® illustrates the potential inherent in innovative products from Deutschlandsberg: The rechargeable solid battery based on SMD multilayer technology, a world-first when it was released in 2019, consists of a ceramic multilayer solid body, meaning that it does not contain any liquid electrolytes. This makes it particularly safe, as it cannot catch fire or explode, and there is no risk of liquid leaks.

Figure 1:

Cleanroom production of CeraCharge® in Deutschlandsberg

Figure 2:

CeraCharge®: Since it launch in 2019, the world’s first rechargeable solid battery based on SMD multilayer technology has won several regional and national awards in the field of innovation.

Recent product innovations also include the PowerHap™, a piezo actuator based on multilayer piezo disks that is used in touch screens and multifunctional user interfaces, such as those installed in vehicles, smartphones, tablets, household appliances, industrial controllers and medical devices. The PowerHap delivers unprecedented acceleration, force and switching time performance, all of which adds up to outstanding haptic feedback.

CeraPlas®, a piezo-based cold plasma generator, lends itself to even more versatile applications: It can be used for the surface treatment of plastics, to make them easier to print or write on. Other possible applications include treating wounds and cleaning devices. CeraPad® is an ultra-thin ceramic substrate with built-in ESD protection specifically for LEDS. It allows new high-resolution lighting effects to be realized, even in very cramped spaces, such as for in-vehicle lighting systems and adaptive car headlamps.

Figure 3:

PowerHap™, CeraPlas® and CeraPad®.

Focus on robotics and Industry 4.0

Besides developing and manufacturing products, the facility also has another core competency: The R&D Center Europe – one of several TDK research centers worldwide – focuses on the development of applications and systems for automotive and industrial electronics applications. Meanwhile the Process Innovation Center, which is also based on the site, is dedicated to ramping up and coordinating expertise in key technologies such as robotics and Industry 4.0. On 3D printers, engineers create prototypes for the research and development departments – including those at other sites. Another current focus is on developing self-driving robots to forge efficient links between different production processes.

Further information on product highlights from Deutschlandsberg

CeraCharge® keyboard_arrow_right

rechargeable solid batteries based on SMD multilayer technology


ceramic capacitors


substrate with built-in ESD protection specifically for LEDs


piezo-based cold plasma generator


piezo actuators for use in touch screens

Ultrasonic sensor modules keyboard_arrow_right

for distance measurements in industrial applications

 Figure_Zoom Werksgelände
Figure 4:

Deutschlandsberg site

Deutschlandsberg site profile 


  • Ceramic multilayer components
  • PowerHap™ and other piezo actuators
  • Piezo standard products
  • CeraLink®, CeraPlas®, CeraCharge®
  • Ultrasonic sensors

Research & development

  • European R&D Center
  • Process Innovation Center


  • ISO 9001
  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 50001



Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Siemens Bauelemente GmbH building


Setup of production for disk varistors


Research & development on site focuses on ceramic components


Setup of production for multilayer ceramic chip capacitors: first cleanrooms


Start of pre-series production for multilayer ceramic modules


Expansion of piezo production


Start of production of ceramic CeraLink® capacitors


Start of production of CeraPlas®, a piezo-based cold plasma generator


Start of production of CeraCharge®, the world’s first rechargeable solid SMD battery

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