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CeraLink Capacitors

The revolution for fast switching inverters

TDK CeraLink capacitors

CeraLink® is a family of very compact capacitors for stabilizing voltages in the DC link. They are therefore suitable for use as either snubber or DC link capacitors. These products are based on PLZT ceramics and are designed to provide engineers with compact components optimized for fast switching converters, converters with very tight space requirements and converters that need to withstand high operating temperatures.

CeraLink at a glance

TDK CeraLink capacitors feature a newly patented antiferroelectric capacitor technology whose material exhibits increasing capacitance with increasing voltage. Thanks to this unique capability CeraLink capacitors are an ideal solution for snubber applications. Based on their newly patented antiferroelectric capacitor technology, the capacitance of TDK CeraLink capacitors rises with increasing voltage.

Capacitance to voltage

Capacitance to voltage

Thanks to their extremely low ESL and ESR properties, CeraLink capacitors support higher switching frequencies and the use of lower-cost and more robust semiconductors (e.g. high-speed IGBTs versus MOSFETs). The latest IGBTs offer an excellent price-performance ratio because of their significantly lower manufacturing complexity, chip areas that are often smaller than superjunction MOSFETs, and their high switching frequencies. The cost of this type of solution is typically about one third lower than a MOSFET solution. Furthermore, capacitor value, board space, magnetics, heat sink and so on can also be reduced significantly so that the total cost of solution (TCS) can be reduced by more than 40 percent.

When used for system integration only, CeraLink capacitors reduce the risk that semiconductors are damaged by peak overvoltages caused by the system approach. The snubber function keeps the semiconductors in the safe operating area.

New patented system solution

The CeraLink multilayer design featuring a newly designed ceramic material in combination with copper inner electrodes offers clear advantages in terms of both economy and performance.


  • ESR decreases drastically with temperature
  • Extremely low ESL
  • Cu inner electrode material properties are beneficial for high frequency switching with low losses and allow fast slew rates with a high Imax
  • Suitable for switching frequencies up to and above 1 MHz
  • Wide operating temperature range up to +150 °C (also suitable for SiC/ GaN)
  • Low losses at high frequencies
  • Supports fast-switching semiconductor
  • Supports further miniaturization of power electronics on the system level
  • Ultra low leakage currents due to material selection
  • With increasing frequencies the dielectric losses are decreasing
  • Terminals for solder and for modern fast press fit technology
  • Increasing capacitance with DC bias up to operating voltage
  • Compact housing with options for typical power modules for industrial and automotive
  • Special types for integration into power modules (IGBT/ MOSFET/ SiC)


  • High capacitance density
  • Extremely low ESR and low ESL
  • High current density, effective ripple voltage reduction capability
  • Increasing effective capacitance with rising voltage
  • Capable for high temperature excursions
  • Low losses at high frequencies
  • Supports fast switching semiconductors
  • Supports further miniaturization of power electronics on the system level


  • Insulation resistance: >1 GΩ very high, thus resulting in a very low leakage current, especially at high temperatures
  • ESL<3.5 nH and thus extremely low
  • Operating temperature -40 °C to +125 °C (for short periods up to +150 °C), thus also suitable for SiC and GaN


TDK CeraLink capacitors are a highly compact solution for the snubber and DC links of fast switching converters based on SiC and GaN semiconductors. These new capacitors are based on a PLZT ceramic material (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate). In contrast to conventional ceramic capacitors, CeraLink capacitors have their maximum capacitance at the application voltage, and this even increases proportionately to the share of the ripple voltage.

Three designs are available

LP (low profile)

CeraLink capacitors, LP (low profile)

Series with capacitances from 0.25 µF up to 1 µF and rated voltages between 500 V DC and 900 V DC

SP (solder pin)

CeraLink capacitors, SP (solder pin)

Series with capacitances from 5 µF to 20 µF and rated voltages between 500 V DC and 900 V DC

FA (flex assembly)

CeraLink capacitors, FA (flex assembly)

Series with capacitances from 0.25 µF up to 10 µF and rated voltages between 500 V DC and 900 V DC

Ceralink offers extremely low ESL of down to 2nH.

The capacitors are designed for an operating temperature of -40 °C to + 150°C.


  • Designed also for high voltage semiconductor technology of up to 1200V/1300V, industrial power converters and inverters.
  • DC link/ snubber capacitors for power converters and inverters


  • High ripple current capability
  • Low equivalent serial inductance (ESL)
  • Low equivalent serial resistance (ESR)
  • Low power loss
  • Low dielectric absorption
  • Optimized for high frequencies up to several MHz
  • Increasing capacitance with DC bias up to operating voltage
  • High capacitance density
  • Minimized dielectric loss at high temperatures
  • High reliability


  • RoHS-compatible PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconium titanate)
  • Copper inner electrodes
  • Silver outer electrodes
  • Silver coated copper lead frame
  • Epoxy resin adhesive


Outstanding ESR performance at high temperatures


Equivalent series resistance at rated voltage

Low leakage currents (isolation) aging degradation


A key parameter for power electronics is the self-discharging time constant and its temperature dependence. High values even at high temperatures minimize the risk of high temperature failure modes such as thermal runaway. Due to its structure, the ceramic material used in CeraLink capacitors is superior to that of existing ceramic systems and therefore outstanding aging properties can be expected.

High current rating both with and without cooling


This measurement was done with +85 °C ambient temperature. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the copper electrodes, CeraLink capacitors can be cooled very effectively. The permissible current is only limited by the device temperature. Even without forced cooling (no air flow, no heat sink) it is possible to apply several A/µF.


CeraLink capacitors target applications


Principle circuit diagram


Get Data Sheets and Search

PDF Design Nominal capacitance (µF) @ operating voltage Rated voltage (V DC) Peak Operating Voltage (Max.) (V DC) Normal operating current (105 °C) (ARMS) Terminal style Type
FA2,  FA3,  FA10 >0.5 - >10.0 500 - 900 650 - 1300 7 - 38 SMD with lead frame 0.5 μF, 900 V - 10 μF, 500 V
LP J-style,  LP L-style >0.5,  >0.25,  >1.0 500 - 900 650 - 1300 5 - 10 SMD with lead frame 0.5 μF, 700 V,  0.25 μF, 900 V,  1 μF, 500 V
SMD 2220 Soft,  SMD 2220 Standard 0.25 500 650 4.6 SMD, soft termination,  SMD, standard termination 0.25 µF, 500 V
SP >5.0,  >10.0,  >20.0 500 - 900 650 - 1300 24 - 32 Solder pin 5 μF, 900 V,  10 μF, 700 V,  20 μF, 500 V

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