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CeraLink Capacitors

The revolution for demanding high-efficiency and high-density power applications

TDK CeraLink capacitors

CeraLink capacitors are tailored for high frequency and high-temperature power electronics applications especially with tight space requirements, high current rating, high capacitance density and high operating temperatures.

CeraLink at a glance

TDK CeraLink capacitors

The capacitor landscape offers several different technologies each with its own benefits. The main selection parameters for capacitors are amongst others capacitance, operating voltage, supported temperature range, current, and parasitic.

However, if space requirements are tough, special PCB material like IMS is used, or fast switching wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors are driven, the decision is quickly moving towards ceramic capacitors as SMD components which are supporting many of the above-mentioned parameter.

The CeraLink capacitor featuring a newly designed ceramic material in combination with copper inner electrodes targets a specific area in the high voltage applications.

This PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconium titanate) material leads to its very own characteristic performance behaviour with its peak capacitance at their specified operating voltage (positive bias).

TDK CeraLink capacitors

Special requirements

MLCC class I
class II

Resonance capacitor, stable C



T >125 °C

Limited offer (X8R/custom)

V >630 V 

Limited offer

AC application


Capacitance to voltage
TDK CeraLink capacitors

Keeping the balance between high current handling capability and capacitance CeraLink may reduce the number of needed capacitors compared to MLCC in consideration of total solution cost. Thus, further supporting the miniaturization of power electronics on the system level and offering clear advantages in terms of both economy and performance.

Key benefits

  • Increasing capacitance with DC bias between 0 V and Vop (positive bias behaviour) and best in class capacitance density at operating point (Vop & Top)
  • Capable of handling extremely high ripple currents
  • High reliability with qualification based on AEC-Q200
  • RoHS compatible
  • Cu inner electrode material properties are beneficial for high frequency switching with low losses and allow fast slew rates with a high Imax
  • Generally low self-heating and good thermal self-regulating properties. Additionally, the self-heating supports CeraLink to come to temperature for good performance
  • Surface mountable using standard MLCC reflow profiles

At high frequencies

  • Optimal frequency in the range of 100 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Minimal ESR due to low-loss copper electrodes and HF-suited backend
  • Low losses
  • No limitation of dV/dt

At high temperature

  • Operating temperature up to +150 °C (also suitable for SiC/ GaN)
  • Low losses, ESR decreases drastically with temperature
  • Ultra low leakage currents due to material selection
  • No thermal runaway


TDK CeraLink capacitors are a highly compact solution for snubber, filter, flying capacitor and DC-links to name a few functions. In contrast to conventional ceramic capacitors, CeraLink capacitors have their maximum capacitance at their specified operating point (positive bias behaviour), and this even increases proportionately to the share of the ripple voltage, making it the ideal capacitor for fast switching wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors like SiC and GaN. More information on its anti-ferroelectric behaviour is in our CeraLink Technical Guide.

Below we show some typical use cases. The function of CeraLink varies with the application itself.

Principle circuit diagram of function of capacitors in e.g. motor drives:

Capacitance to voltage

Automotive - High-voltage applications in xEV

Capacitance to voltage
  • Auxiliary inverters
    (HV compressor, HV pump, HV heater)
  • OBC
  • DC/DC inverter


Capacitance to voltage
  • Drives
  • Energy storage systems
  • Power converter
  • Solar inverters
  • Power supplies like UPS, isolated power supply
  • SiC Power Modules


The portfolio offers two different chip elements based on RoHS-compatible PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconium titanate) with copper inner electrodes. The capacitors are designed for an operating temperature of -40 °C to +150 °C and are offered in three different voltage classes (VR 500 V/700 V/900 V).

CeraLink LP, FA and SP series offer great robustness due to their lead frame structure supported by excellent thermal conductivity with their silver outer electrodes and silver coated copper lead frame.

The new SMD series is optimized for capacitance density. Robustness is secured via standard- and soft-termination. 

LP (low profile)

CeraLink capacitors, LP (low profile)


FA (flex assembly)

CeraLink capacitors, FA (flex assembly)


SP (solder pin)

CeraLink capacitors, SP (solder pin)


SMD 2220

CeraLink capacitors, FA (flex assembly)


Get data sheets and search

PDF Design Nominal capacitance (µF) @ operating voltage Rated voltage (V DC) Peak Operating Voltage (Max.) (V DC) Normal operating current (105 °C) (ARMS) Terminal style Type
FA2,  FA3,  FA10 >0.5 - >10.0 500 - 900 650 - 1300 7 - 38 SMD with lead frame 0.5 μF, 900 V - 10 μF, 500 V
LP J-style,  LP L-style >0.5,  >0.25,  >1.0 500 - 900 650 - 1300 5 - 10 SMD with lead frame 0.5 μF, 700 V,  0.25 μF, 900 V,  1 μF, 500 V
SMD 2220 Soft,  SMD 2220 Standard 0.25 500 650 4.6 SMD, soft termination,  SMD, standard termination 0.25 µF, 500 V

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