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The compact TDK Ultrasonic Sensor Module measures distances completely invisibly and contact-free. It detects objects using inaudible ultrasonic waves transmitted and received by a piezoelectric disc.

The TDK USSM User Interface is a demo software to trigger and visualize USSM sensors measurements and data. It can be used with the USSM Demo board or any board supporting a similar command line interface (CLI). It can also be used to upgrade Demo board firmware. The software is fully customizable - if needed - and configurable through configuration files stored under the config folder. The software is provided for demo purposes only WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. It must be used only with TDK products.

Download software

 Download Demoboard Pic

The download contains:

  • Installation file


  • Real-time sensor measurements and data streaming
  • Visualization of sensor(s) data measurements in real time
  • Embedded Terminal and Command Line Interface (CLI) support
  • Optionally embedded HTTP Server (if installed) for web demos
  • Firmware upgrade of the demo board
  • Easy access to all sensor registers and register fields
  • Multiple measurements management
  • Multiple sensors management
  • Multiple cursors for quick calculations
  • Measurements save/restore
  • Terminal for custom commands and scripting
  • Measurement, board, sensor properties management
  • Adaptable to third-party board using TDK USSM (only for advanced users)
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