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Sensor Board Reference Design Software

The TDK USSM sensor board (reference design) is an industrial-grade board fully equipped for the seamless operation of USSM sensors and communication with high-level control systems using various possible protocols.

TDK provides design files for download below so that the end users can customize them to their needs. In addition, TDK provides manufacturing and assembly files so that the end user can order them directly from the board manufacturers and get a quick integration.

These files and design references are provided for demo purposes only WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

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 Download Sensor Board Pic 1
 Download Sensor Board Pic 2

The board was designed to be versatile:

  • Simultaneous operation of up to 9 TDK USSM sensors
  • To allow a high-resolution analog envelope, an IO level shifting and low-side switch implementation for the sensors were chosen.
  • Accurate measurement thanks to the high-precision time base and ADC with up to 12-bit resolution for the analog envelope
  • On-board measurement capture, processing, and result reporting to the host application
  • Different possible power supply options with a single power source from 5 to 24 V which can be supplied from one of the possible sources: USB, LV-COM, or LIN port.
  • The CAN port can be used exclusively with USB to ensure high-speed communication with the host if required.
  • A powerful low-power microcontroller (Arm Cortex-M4) with large memory can be used as a host for both the sensor driver and the application.
  • For programming the board, various options are available using standard SWD protocol or via bootloader which can be activated through the LV-COM port.
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