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PZT, or lead zirconate titanate, is one of the world’s most widely used piezoelectric ceramic materials. It is a metallic oxide and it’s outstanding properties have been first discovered at the Tokyo Institute of Technology around 1952. Compared to the previously discovered piezoelectric material barium titanate, PZT allows higher operating temperatures and exhibits a much stronger piezoelectric effect.

TDK is using three different basic technologies to manufacture piezoelectric devices:

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Single layer types

which are mainly used for sensors, actuators or buzzers and which traditionally are manufactured by pressing technology or tape casting

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Multi-layer types

incorporating internal electrodes made of AgPd or Cu are used for example for actuators or speakers

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MEMS based devices

for time of flight measurement

With manufacturing locations for piezo components in Europe as well as in Asia TDK is focusing on high volume production for the global market. We offer standard products as well as customized solutions and we continously expand our product offering with new innovative modular solutions.

Our strength

Innovative modular solutions

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Piezoelectric devices typically come in standardized shapes, like disks, stacks, tubes or bimorph benders. Usually these devices have not been designed with specific applications in mind. This makes the integration into new applications troublesome.

TDK is aiming beyond such generic components: We offer modular solutions based on piezoelectric elements, designed with a specific application in mind.

Some examples: amplified actuators, miniaturized ultrasonic sensors modules, PiezoListen™ and powder level sensors.

More on these products

Copper multilayer technology

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Multilayer piezoelectric devices consist of multiple layers of piezoelectric material alternating with internal electrodes. While AgPd is the industry standard as material for the inner electrodes, TDK is the only company in the market that in addition is processing copper as alternative inner electrode material for mass production since decades.

Which advantages does the use of copper offer?

High volume production & customized solutions

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Manufacturing piezoelectric devices generally involves three main steps:

  • First the powder needs to be prepared.
  • After this the product has to be brought into the required shape, making use of pressing or tape casting technology.
  • Finally sintering is creating a solid ceramic material with the requested properties.

TDK is manufacturing piezoelectric devices since decades and has proven to be a world class supplier for demanding applications like automotive, consumer or even for medical applications. Our focus is on mass production of standard components, however we also offer customized solutions for high volume applications.

Did You Know?

Applications & Products

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors make use of ultrasonic waves. To measure distances the sensor emits an ultrasonic wave and receives the reflected signal back from the target. Ultrasonic sensors are time of flight (TOF) sensors, as they measure the distance to the target by measuring the time between emission and reception.

Solutions for Haptics

To generate vibrotactile haptic feedback on surfaces, e.g. on displays or for wearable devices, actuators are required. Many of todays solutions make use of electromagnetic actuators which often limits the haptic feedback to simple clicks or boring vibrations. To generate more versatile haptic feed back, so called high definition haptics, a new generation of actuators is required.

Piezoelectric actuators are perfect to create high definition haptics. This is mainly because of their short response time and large bandwidth. Moreover piezo actuators come in a compact package combined with low power consumption and strong force.

TDK offers two different product lines, specifically designed for haptic feedback:

Actuators and Elements

Piezoelectric actuators can come in a variety of form factors, like stacks, bimorph benders or simple discs.

Solutions for Sound

A piezoelectric speaker is a loudspeaker that uses the piezoelectric effect for generating sound. It can be a simple buzzer, or, as in the case of our PiezoListen family a complete ultrathin speaker:

In case you are interested take a look to our comprehensive solutions page:

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