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Cold Plasma Surface Treatment

General Information

Today, the use of plasma as a key and interdisciplinary technology has become a modern technical standard in many industries and one that is experiencing dynamic expansion. Applications range from a few watts to more than 1000 watts and cover all industries.

With the CeraPlas element – a piezo-based plasma generator in a single component – TDK has developed an innovative new cold plasma source (ozonizer, ionizer) that is especially suited for use in low power applications and minimum space. The cold plasma (<50 °C) ignites in the ambient air or in external gases. Its light and compact size enables handheld devices, even battery-driven ones.

Our product portfolio comprises several types of CeraPlas elements, supporting tools for your development, as well as the ready-to-use piezobrush products. Later ones are the ideal fit in your production for subsequent processes benefiting from high surface energy like gluing, printing, coating and superfine cleaning. 

More powerful plasma systems are supported by relyon plasma, a subsidiary of TDK Electronics, specialized in the design of complete plasma systems using either PPD (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge based on CeraPlas) or its proprietary PAA (Pulsed Atmospheric Arc) technology. Together we can offer versatile solutions for plasma applications like customized modules for your application's unique requirements.

Plasma Devices from TDK

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Part No. Lists and Datasheet

 Piezobrush PZ3 Professional



Professional set

piezobrush PZ3 professional set: 
Handheld device (plasma generator), module "Standard",  module "Nearfield", plug‐in power supply, accessories

Operating Instructions for Handheld Device

 Piezobrush PZ3 Standard




piezobrush PZ3 module "Standard"

 CeraPlas F element

CeraPlas element

F series

Wired Component

Piezoelectric based cold plasma generator for PDD and DBD application in industrial/medical industry, activation area typ. 400 mm2 Z63000Z2910Z 1Z66
 CeraPlas HF element

CeraPlas element

HF series

Wired Component

Piezoelectric based cold plasma generator for PDD application in medical/consumer industry, activation area typ. 200 mm2 B54310N5100A010

End of life announced: October 13, 2023

Deadline for last orders: January 26, 2024

Last shipments by: April 26, 2024

PDD® - Piezoelectric Direct Discharge
DBD - Dielectric Barrier Discharge

 Presentation Image

Presentation piezobrush PZ3

  • piezobrush PZ3 – a handy plasma source
  • Device overview and details
  • piezobrush PZ2 VS piezobrush PZ3
  • piezobrush PZ3 modules
  • Behind the scenes
  • Bonding improvement with cold plasma - a best practice example
  • Wire bonding improvement with cold plasma
  • Improvements with cold plasma on pressure sensitive tapes (PST)
  • Cold plasma in medical market
  • piezobrush PZ3 professional set

Further Downloads piezobrush PZ3

 Piezobrush PP

Product Profile

  • Fields of application
  • Use cases
  • Typical materials
  • Technical data
PDF - 1.4 MB Download
 Operating Instructions Image

Operating Instructions for Handheld Device

PDF - 1.1 MB Download

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