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Efficient and eco-friendly sterilization

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MediPlas enables solutions to sterilize specific surfaces and objects by generating reactive species that can penetrate microbial cell walls, damaging their structure and function, and resulting in the inactivation or destruction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even bacterial spores.

At relatively low temperatures, MediPlas is suitable for sterilizing heat-sensitive materials such as plastics, electronics, and medical devices within faster cycles compared to conventional sterilization methods such as autoclaving or using highly toxic chemicals like Ethylene Oxide (EtO).

MediPlas consists of two components: the reactor and the driver. Its heart is the reactor, which generates the reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) based on dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) technology. The composition and the concentrations of the RONS in the resulting gas mixture depend on the type of gas provided (e.g., composition, humidity, temperature), the applied power provided by the driver, and the temperature in the reaction chamber. 


MediPlas can be integrated into systems in various applications due to its ability to effectively deactivate pathogens on surfaces without the need for chemicals or heat. Some of the applications in medical devices that can be used include:

Closed-loop systems

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Sterilize internal medical systems with highly reactive gases.

The reactive agents circulate continuously in a closed loop while the generator is running, and the concentration of the sterilant increases steadily so that the system is sterilized by itself (Cleaning in Place, CIP). When the cycle is complete, a turnout flips so that the reactive agents can be removed from the loop via a vent with a filter.

Batch applications

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Safely sterilize sensitive medical devices in shorter cycles. 

The chamber is filled with reactive agents to sterilize objects or instruments. After a certain time, the chamber is disconnected from the system, allowing the reactive agents to continue their work. Once the sterilization is complete, the reactive agent can be removed from the chamber via a vent with a filter.

Chairside applications

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Use highly reactive gases for local treatment on patients and chairside environments. 

By using reactive gases, rinsing and plaque removal can be carried out. MediPlas can precisely control the amount of gas with a high concentration of reactive agent. High-purity ozone is obtained from medical-grade oxygen.

MediPlas Benefits



Obtain the required output gas composition for your specific sterilization process by the type of gas and energy supplied. 



Low-temperature sterilization for moisture- and heat-sensitive medical equipment, e.g. endoscopes, respirators.



No additional harmful substances are required, power consumption is low, and the power is supplied in situ.


 Low Cost

Safe time and running costs by reducing cycle times to a fraction.

Comparison with common sterilization methods

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MediPlas enables in-situ RONS generation, such as hydrogen peroxide, for cost-effective solutions in a fraction of the time compared to conventional cycles, which means it is a genuine alternative to Ethylene Oxide (EtO).

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