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Piezo Actuators for High-Definition Haptic Feedback

Humans have five senses. However, most technology only communicates with us through hearing and sight. That's where haptic feedback comes in, adding a third sense: touch. Our skin is highly sensitive to vibrations between 100 Hz and 1 kHz, with peak sensitivity around 250 Hz ± 50 Hz making it the most sensitive sense towards vibrations.  

In today's world, high-definition haptics are becoming increasingly popular in human-machine interfaces (HMI) to enhance the user experience. Like HD TV, which offers higher resolution pictures for an improved user experience, HD haptics let users perceive a high-quality vibrotactile feedback. 

Piezoelectric actuators have unique features to reach HD haptic feedback, and TDK is a major player with extensive know-how in piezoelectrics.

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Different Haptic Technologies Available

Vibrotactile Haptics

 Vibrotactile Pic

Vibrotactile haptics are most popular and widespread in commercial haptic devices. Simply speaking, vibrotactile haptic feedback is feeling vibrations of a surface by the skin.

Vibrotactile haptic feedback can be either lateral (in-plane movement) or perpendicular (out-of-plane movement).

Surface Haptics

 Surface Pic

Surface haptics work by modulating the friction between the fingertip and a surface, for example, on a touch display. 

To create such effects, several piezoelectric elements are located beneath the surface operating at semi-audible frequencies.

Mid-Air Haptics

 Mid-Air Pic

Mid-air haptics is an innovative technology based on feedback phased by an array of piezoelectric actuators. This allows users to experience the sense of touch in mid-air on palms and fingers. In short, the user is experiencing sound pressure on the skin.

Why Piezoelectric for High-Definition Haptics?

Piezoelectric actuators gather all the fundamental attributes needed to deliver superior, sharp, and crisp haptic feedback. Combining a fast and strong response, and widely configurable in frequency, amplitude and waveform, PowerHap™ offers endless possibilities to interact with users. Being powerful devices, the cost of the haptic solution is optimized because fewer actuators are needed, meaning fewer electronics and less mechanical complexity.


Small Form Factor




Fast Responses


Fully Configurable

 Low Cost



Find the right product for your application

TDK offers a comprehensive portfolio of piezoelectric actuators for a wide range of haptic applications:


Enables HD haptics for small spaces and heavy weights


PiezoHapt­™ S

Enables ultrathin and seamless haptic trackpads


PiezoHapt™ L

Enables ultrathin designs with haptics for flexible surfaces



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