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Partnership with Our Suppliers for Sustainability

Sustainability is a long-term strategic success factor for both TDK Electronics AG and also for its suppliers. Together with our suppliers, we want to create and live a culture of excellence and responsibility that is built on fundamental values such as passion, respect, integrity and discipline.

Our philosophy for collaboration with our customers and suppliers is based on mutual expectations and commitments in terms of reliability, transparency, communication and also sustainability. In this spirit TDK Electronics joined the Global Compact initiative in 2003, which was launched by the United Nations. The aim of the Global Compact is to promote a voluntary consensus between globally operating companies, institutions and organizations on fundamental ethical principles and their application. Therefore, we align all of our activities with the Global Compact’s »Ten Principles«, which address the issues of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption. These principles are binding for every employee and supplier.

Therefore, our business partners ensure that their organization and also all of their subcontractors and suppliers comply with the Ten Principles. We rely on our suppliers to communicate and actively promote the standards of these principles throughout their entire supply chain.

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Banned and Declarable Substances List (BAD-SL)

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