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Top Employer 2023


TDK is Top Employer 2023 in Germany! The HR team successfully completed a comprehensive certification by the Top Employers Institute, which evaluates work and development opportunities for employees. Rainer Klement, Head of Corporate Human Resources TDK Electronics: “With this certification, we have positioned ourselves well as an attractive employer!”

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The Top Employers Institute evaluates companies in around 20 HR areas, including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion.

TDK was rated particularly highly in the areas of business and people strategy, onboarding and training programs for managers, and mentoring programs. Project manager Ina Petrasch from Corporate Human Resources TDK Electronics: “We also did very well in the areas of sustainability and work-life balance. Areas we want to focus on even more are employer branding, well-being and learning. Here we want to develop our employees even more individually and strengthen our corporate culture.”

Voices from the company

Dr. Klaus Moertl, Environmental Protection Officer and CSR Coordinator TDK Electronics, Munich

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“At TDK Electronics, we take our responsibility to the environment and society very seriously. At our sites around the world, we are continuously working to further improve our energy efficiency and use electricity from renewable sources. As a result, we have cut our CO2 emissions by more than half since 2015.

We are continuing along this path, among other things with additional photovoltaic systems at our sites. We focus on products that protect the environment and benefit society. And we strive to make these products as environmentally friendly as possible, for example by using recycled raw materials!

With our behavior, technologies and solutions, we contribute to achieving the social, economic and environmental goals of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals. That is something we can be proud of. And I am glad that we were rated particularly well in the area of sustainability in the certification as a Top Employer 2023 in Germany!”

Sustainability – a key focus at TDK Electronics!

Dr. Shun Yu, Development Engineer TDK Electronics, Berlin

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“I am a project manager for the development of state-of-the-art protective components in Berlin and work with teams in China, Malaysia and Croatia. The success of the projects depends strongly on close cooperation with colleagues at the plants. It is exciting to lead the teams technically without having disciplinary authority.

At TDK Electronics, there are training programs that support me in doing just that: To perform a modern leadership position that does not rely on hierarchical structures. I am currently taking part in a program that will accompany me for six months with online and face-to-face elements, so that there is an intensive exchange with colleagues at other locations as well.

That's why I'm glad that TDK Electronics scored particularly well in the area of employee development in its certification as a Top Employer 2023 in Germany. TDK Electronics is an innovative high-tech company and an attractive employer that supports its employees and helps them achieve their goals. It is people, after all, who contribute significantly to the company's success.”

Join the Team!

Maria-Antonietta Maniscalco, Supplier Quality Assurance / Head of Incoming Quality Control TDK Electronics, Heidenheim

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“At TDK, there are various training opportunities to continuously support and develop employees. I just participated in a program lasting several months to develop the next generation of managers.

This brings together employees from different group companies and locations for training, joint projects and plant visits. Among other things, they can improve their understanding of methods and principles of modern management and employee motivation. Our project was about using innovative formats to present TDK's offer for work-life balance, professional development and a positive workplace culture.

It has been amazing to see the positive impact that employer branding can have on the company and its employees. I am proud to be part of a team that promotes workplace culture. This experience has been incredibly valuable and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive environment.”

What we have to offer!

Cornelia Schmidt, Senior Expert Learning & Development TDK Electronics, Munich

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"We are proud to be an attractive employer for young professionals and experts from a wide range of disciplines and cultures! Diversity and variety characterize TDK Electronics. That's why it's so important that new colleagues have a good start at the company. We want them to feel welcome and included in the corporate culture from day one.

That's why we have carefully developed an onboarding process. One important part of it is the onboarding event as the start of each new individual development journey. Specialists from various departments provide information about the company's history, products and structures. Members of the Executive Board take part in a Q&A session. The event is the perfect opportunity to make contacts. Another important part of the onboarding process is the buddy program, in which longstanding employees take on mentorships for new colleagues.

We rely on employees who are well integrated and who identify with the company. After all, these employees in particular who make a significant contribution to the company's success. That's why I do everything I can to make the onboarding of new colleagues a positive experience, and I'm happy that TDK Electronics was rated particularly well in this area in its certification as a Top Employer 2023 in Germany."

Working at global sites at TDK Electronics!

Ina Petrasch, Employer Branding Specialist TDK Electronics, Munich

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"I am very happy that we as TDK are Top Employer 2023 in Germany! We did particularly well in areas such as onboarding, training programs and sustainability. But we also saw that we can improve in the area of well-being, for example. That's why it was a matter of the heart for me to create an attractive offer for our company in this area, and we've succeeded in doing so with Gympass.

As a company, we are a member of Gympass, and this means that our employees in Germany have access to a huge range of sports, leisure, wellness and mental wellbeing facilities at unbeatable rates. If you want, you can take advantage of a new offer every day!

I am excited about this opportunity to strengthen the health and well-being of our employees. It is important to me that our employees are healthy and motivated, feel good and have a good work-life balance!

With Gympass, we strengthen our corporate culture and team spirit because we expect many employees to take advantage of the offers together. We want to support our employees in achieving their individual health goals and a healthy work-life balance!”

People are everything - our benefits!