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The TDK plant Málaga is located at a Technology Park which provides an environment of companies specialized in the ICT sector. The TDK site designs and manufactures power capacitors for customers worldwide. With more than 240 sunny days per year and an average temperature of 18°C, the beautiful city Málaga at the south coast of Spain is a very good place to work and live.

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TDK – a Global Player

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TDK Facts

  • Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
  • Product brands: TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and TDK-Lambda
  • Sales of about JPY 2,180 billion (USD 15.4 billion) in fiscal year 2023 (ending March 31)
  • Extensive R&D, manufacturing and sales network
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A Big Family Around The Globe

About 103,000 employees powering more than 200 factories, R&D, and sales offices in more than 30 countries.

  • Asia (excl. Japan)
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • Americas
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Main Businesses

  • Passive components
  • Sensor application products
  • Magnetic application products
  • Energy application products
  • Others

TDK Electronics Málaga

The TDK site in Málaga is dedicated to the international market, exporting 95 percent of its production. The following activities are carried out at the site: planning, research and development, manufacturing and marketing of metallized plastic tape capacitors.

After moving from the previous location to the Technology Park the new factory was opened in 2011. The plant covers 10,200 square meters and employs roughly 250 employees from different countries.

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Capacitors for future-oriented applications

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TDK Málaga designs and manufactures a wide range of metallized film capacitors, that means specific power capacitors for future-oriented applications such as traction, solar and wind energy, industrial drives and power transmission.

For the development of the capacitors, the engineers combine different technologies and design rules that allow the component to adapt to the different requirements to fulfill its role as DC-Link, DC filter or AC filter.

Among the main applications of metallized film capacitors, there is power distribution such as HVDC VSC (High-Voltage Direct Current, Voltage Source Converter) and Statcom and traction for subways, large industrial vehicles, trams, locomotives and Electric Multiple Units. The components are also used in wind power applications, photovoltaic systems and industrial drives.

Working with i4.0 technologies

Industry 4.0 plays an important role at the site. Among other things, the factory uses connected analytical and control mechanisms in real time for the very complex process of film metallization.

The site also works with digital mirrors as virtual images of real existing machines. This makes it possible to improve production processes or set up new production facilities. The Data Science Center at the site supports specific digitalization projects across the company’s worldwide facilities. Its focus is on systems that enable predictions to be made about the future, self-learning and self-regulating systems as well as intelligent monitoring processes.

Environmentally conscious production

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The site is continuously striving to reduce its carbon footprint. It manufactures with electricity from 100 percent renewable energy sources. In addition, its own photovoltaic system on the roof generates around 90 megawatt hours of solar power per year. Both measures together have led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 95 percent.


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Salary supplement (up to 100% of gross salary) during sick leave due to temporary disability or work accident, and partial disability

Social benefits: payment of 65% (up to an annual maximum) of physiotherapy, podiatry, dental and optical bills

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School aid for all school-age children of employees (3 to 18 years old)

Help employees with physically or mentally disabled children

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Subsidy for transportation

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Advance request and personal loans

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Subsidy for meals

Restaurant ticket

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Collective retirement insurance

Voluntary accident, death and disability insurance

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Flexible working hours 

Take part to different hobbies group

How's working in Málaga?

Manuel Gomez del Río, R&D Engineer

 Insights Manuel Gomez Rio Pic

The Malaga plant offers an R&D engineer the best technical conditions that a multidisciplinary team of technical experts could wish for, design and simulation tools for rapid and precise development. In addition, the Malaga plant is made up of an excellent group of people, who offer their best every day to contribute to our common goals.”

Francisco Nieto, Accounting Department

 Insights Francisco Nieto Pic

I am happy to be here because of the possibility of working with the departments of the other plants of the group around the world, it is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge in the accounting and tax field. Also the work environment in Malaga is great!”

Elena Hernández, Engineer Process Technologies Department

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“We promote collaboration and communication between departments and factories in order to carry out leading R&D projects to enhance our products. Always at the forefront of technology.”

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