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October 26, 2022

Awards for export, R&D and environmental management


The Nashik site received first and second prizes in the environmental management and export categories. The plant is one of the largest production sites for film capacitors in India and has more than 1,200 employees. The export share has increased by around 50 percent since 2019 to currently 60 million euros. This is more than 60 percent of the plant's total sales.

At the same time, the site manufactures in the most environmentally friendly way possible and covers around 50 percent of its energy requirements from renewable sources. This has enabled CO₂ emissions to be reduced by around 8,200 tons per year.

In the R&D category, ELCINA awarded the second prize to the ferrite plant in Kalyani. The association recognized the development of distributed air-gap ferrite cores. The new design helps to improve the load-bearing capacity of the ferrite cores and to increase the efficiency of the magnets.

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