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MKP DC Resin Top HT 105 °C

Robust performance in elevated-temperature / high-current applications

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TDK is extending its Resin Top Power Capacitor product portfolio. The standard series MKP DC, B25690, meets the requirements of the next generation power converters, showing lower partial discharge levels and high inception / extinction voltages. It also complies with high humidity resistance according to IEC 61071 (1,3*VR, at +85 °C / 85% RH / for 500 hours). This product line is now complemented with a new series specially designed for higher temperatures. The MKP DC HT B25695 series allows a hot spot temperature of up to +105 °C. Therefore, this new series can carry higher ripple currents and/or be used in applications with higher ambient temperatures.

Features & benefits


  • DC Link series from 700 V to 1300 V
  • High current density
  • No current derating up to +70 °C
  • IEC 61071-2017, GB/T 17702-2021, RoHS


  • Up to +105 °C hotspot temperature
  • ANSYS™ simulations available
  • Long service life
    • Service life at +85 °C at hotspot is 50 000 h
    • Service life at +70 °C at hotspot is 190 000 h

Resin Top HT solves design problems

Taking some customer requirements as an example:

  • Operating conditions: Tamb = +65 °C
  • Total capacitance value of the DC link: 6,5 to 7 mF
  • Total current: 545 A
  • Voltage: 800 V DC 

Considering these requirements, a capacitor with a capacitance value and voltage of 730 µF / 900 V with dimensions of 85 x 176 x 182 mm can be selected. Nine or ten capacitors meet the overall requirements.

For the individual capacitors, there are two types available: The B25690A0737K901 from the standard series and the B25695E0737K901 from the high-temperature series.

According to the parameters of B25695E0737K901: 
ESR = 1.3 mΩ / Rth = 4.2 K/W 

Example 1: Comparison based on service life of 170 000 hours

Considering using 10 capacitors of each type the RMS current needed per capacitor is 54.5 A

  • Self-heating of capacitor: ΔT= (54.5 A)² ∙ 1.3 mΩ ∙ 4.2 K/W = 16.2 K
  • B25690A0737K901: 
    • Hotspot temperature: Tamb + ΔT = +65 °C + 16.2 K = +81.2 °C
    • Voltage ratio: 800 V / 900 V = 0.89
    • Service life: 134 000 hours

 B256950 Life time curve

  • B25695E0737K901
    • Hotspot temperature: Tamb + ΔT = +65 °C + 16.2 K = +81.2 °C
    • Voltage ratio: 800 V / 900 V =0.89
    • Service life: 175 000 hours

 B25695E Life time curve

Only the MKP DC HT (B25695) meets the customer´s specification of 170 000 hours.

Example 2: Comparison based on a service life of 125 000 hours aimed at saving space

  • Using B25690:
    • 10 components in parallel of the B25690A0737K901 are needed (current per piece = 54.5 A)
    • Self-heating of capacitor: ΔT= (54.5 A)² ∙ 1.3 mΩ ∙ 4.2 K/W = 16.2 K
    • Hotspot temperature: Tamb + ΔT = +65 °C + 16.2 K = +81.2 °C
    • Voltage ratio: 800 V / 900 V = 0.89
    • Service life: 134 000 hours 
  • Using B25695:
    • 9 components in parallel of the B25695E0737K901 are needed (current per piece = 60.5 A)
    • Self-heating of capacitor: ΔT= (60.5 A)² ∙ 1.3 mΩ ∙ 4.2 K/W = 20 K
    • Hotspot temperature: +65 °C + 20 K = +85 °C
    • Voltage ratio: 800 V / 900 V = 0.89
    • Service life: 128 000 hours

MKP DC HT (B25695) meets the customer´s specification of 125 000 hours using 9 pieces instead of 10 pieces of the B25690.

Using the B25695 series makes the DC link smaller and lighter. Consideringa normal operation of 800 V instead of the nominal 900 V, the B25695 could handle 74,1 A since +95 °C can be allowed, which is 36% more current considering the derating. These worst-case conditions could be used for around 10 000 hours. 


What is the best choice for high temperatures and a longer lifetime?

In general, there are applications where the ambient temperature can reach 85 °C. Such applications include inverters for traction or compressors, it is usually necessary to operate with self-heating in the range of 10 K. In such cases, the MKD DC HT, B25695, can be the proper solution to operate under such conditions.

Is this series able to be used with SiC switching at high frequencies?

It depends on the current profile of the customer. We have available ESR vs frequency graphs for most of the types. Please request this before doing a design. Special design types in case the data sheet capacitor range does not meet the requirements are available on request as well.

Get data sheets

PDF Type Application Style Number of phases Rated capacitance (µF)
B25695E DC link,  Drives MKP DC HT 1 95 - 3400

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