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Power Capacitors for DC Link and DC Filtering Applications

In case of power capacitors, TDK’s portfolio comprises different solutions for DC link and DC filter applications. We are offering a wide spectrum of capacitors with resin filled, open cases, especially designed for LV, ModCap as standard solution and MKK-DCR as a customized type. Moreover, we offer sealed cases for those applications with aggressive environmental conditions and especially strict operation requirements (current and temperature), either with oil-impregnation or with polyurethane resin as a dry option. Capacitance ranges from 3 x 200 to 3 x 3000 µF.

Overview of Available Types

MKK-DCR (opened)
MKK-DCR (sealed)
Capacitance (µF)
MKK-DCR (opened)
MKK-DCR (sealed)
Voltage (V DC)

Feature Comparison

 ModCap Pic

 MKK-DCR op Pic
MKK-DCR (opened)

 MKK-DCi H Pic

 MKK-DCR sealed Pic
MKK-DCR (sealed)

Temperature range up to

90 °C

85 °C

85 °C

85 °C

IEC 61071

IEC 61881-1

EN 45545 

HL3 R23 (fire/smoke)

HL2 R22, HL3 R23



Aluminum (open)

Stainless steel

Stainless steel


filled with polyurethane resin

filled with polyurethane resin 

Impregnation with vegetable oil (rapeseed) 

Impregnation with polyurethane soft resin


Compact power unit

Thanks to the rectangular geometry and to the flat winding technology TDK provides a very efficient solution in terms of volumen and weight.

Customized solution

The PEC HP designs are 100% customized as per customer requirements and all of them approved according to IEC 61071.

Hermetically sealed

The stainless steel rectangular cases assure a maximum level of sealing.

Lifetime up to 200,000 h

Based on innovative design rules TDK assures extended lifetime in all its power capacitor technologies.

Compatible with pressure switch device

Our sealed designs are fully compatible with last generation of pressure switch devices.

Open design

TDK offers also open designs with aluminum cases, especially suitable for low inductance requirements.

ANSYS™ simulations available

Thermal and mechanical models available for specific simulations according to frequency spectrum and boundary conditions defined by the customer.

Flat windings

TDK is pioneer on flat winding design and selected this technology for PEC HP series thanks to its excellent self healing properties and ultra compact design.


Check Suitable Applications per Product

Download Product Presentations

 PEC Pic

Power electronics (PEC)

PDF - 1.4 MB Download
 ModCap HF Pic

ModCap HF ™

PDF - 1.7 MB Download
 ModCap MF Pic

ModCap MF ™

PDF - 1.8 MB Download
 MKK-DCR op Pic

MKK-DCR (opened)

PDF - 995.1 KB Download
 MKK-DCi-H Pic


PDF - 1.0 MB Download
 MKK-DCR seal Pic

MKK-DCR (sealed)

PDF - 1.3 MB Download

Get Data Sheets

PDF Type Application Style Number of phases Rated capacitance (µF)
B25640 DC link MKK DC-R NA 1000 - 20000
B25645 DC link MKK DC-R unknown 350 - 3900
B25647 DC link MKK DC-R unknown 640 - 1850
B25750H DC link, AC Filtering MKK DCI-H NA 1000 - 24000

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  • Safety Recommendations (ZVEI)

In order to download up to 20 files together as zip, please mark them with the check box. To start the download, please click the Download button at the end of the list.

Standard power capacitors for DC link designed for advanced semiconductor demands & market trends

In the following webinar, we address how our DC link capacitor portfolio helps you to reduce your time-to-market.  New generations of IGBTs with their higher switching frequencies and higher power density are reducing the weight and volume of the inverter. This ultimately puts higher stress on the requirements of the DC link capacitor, such as higher operating temperature and higher energy density and compactness. TDK has addressed these requirements with a new series of modular and standardized DC link capacitors.

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