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Power factor correction

June 21, 2016

Control unit for parallel operation


TDK Corporation presents the new EPCOS VIP-3-TP control unit, which facilitates the intelligent coupling of three reactive power compensation systems. The parallel operation of multiple systems on different feed-in transformers necessitates this coupling, as the corresponding sections of the grid may also be coupled temporarily. The reciprocal influence of the power factor correction systems in such coupled grid sections causes a higher number of switching operations, which have a harmful effect on the power factor correction elements. The more systems that are working in parallel, the harder it is to control the undesirable effects.

In conjunction with an EPCOS BR7000-I/S485 power factor controller, the new VIP-3-TP touch panel (B44066R1703E230) permits the completely non-retroactive parallel operation of systems with three feed-ins and coupling switches. At the same time, the VIP-3-TP enables symmetrization and the visualization of the measured values.

Main features and benefits

  • Intelligent coupling of three reactive power compensation systems
  • Non-retroactive parallel operation of systems

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