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Ultra-slim TVS Diodes

Highly effective ESD protection for miniaturized ICT solutions

The micro packaged TVS diodes of TDK are designed to protect voltage sensitive components from ESD for existing and future applications within IoT, smart home or Industry 4.0. The clamping voltage and excellent low leakage as well as short response time provide an outstanding ESD protection, which greatly exceeds standard requirements.

General purpose series

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  • Bidirectional protection of I/O interfaces
  • ESD protection to IEC 61000-4-2
  • Maximum contact discharge voltage up to 24 kV
  • Surge current loads up to 8 A (8/20 µs)
  • Low clamping voltage of 8 V
  • Minimal space requirements of 400 x 200 µm2 or 600 x 300 µm2 in chip scale package (CSP)
  • Extremely low SMD package height of just 100 µm and 150 µm



 Ultra-slim and -small package

  • TVS SMD packages thinner than human hair

  • SMD package height of just 100 µm and 150 µm

  • Chip scale package (CSP) is just 400 x 200 µm² (CSP01005) or 600 x 300 µm² (CSP0201)

  • For applications demanding miniaturized package solutions

 High ESD robustness

  • Greatly exceeding standard requirements for ESD protection

  • Engineered for an ESD contact discharge up to 24 kV

  • Designed for a high surge current load up to 8 A

  • Excellent clamping voltage characteristics <9 V down to 8 V (Iclamp = 16 A, TLP)

  • Low leakage current and short response time



 Smartphones and Tablets
 Hearing aids
 Personal Health Monitoring

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PDF Series Ordering code Case size Capacitance, typ. (pF) Max. working voltage (V DC)
General purpose series B74111G0050M060 WL-CSP01005 SL 5 5
General purpose series B74121G0050M060 WL-CSP0201 SL 12 5

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