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High-Voltage Contactors

Gas-filled contactors for high-voltage safety disconnection up to 1500 V DC and 600 A DC

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TDK’s High-Voltage Contactor (HVC) Series is designed to meet the demands of high-voltage and high-current DC applications, especially for disconnecting high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. The hermetically sealed and gas-filled ceramic arc chamber is based on more than 80 years of experience with gas tube technology. The HVC series can be used in a wide range of applications where fast and reliable disconnection of high DC voltages is required. 

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Current up to
Voltage up to
ConstructionSingle coilSingle coilSingle coil or dual coilDual coil
Bidirectional design
Auxiliary contactsMechanical contact 
(under development)
Mechanical contact 
(under development)
Contact with Hall sensor
Mechanical contact
[mm] (l x w x h)
75.5 x 40.4 x 78.074.3 x 42.5 x 86.592.5 x 44.0 x 89.0107.3 x 94.2 x 141.0
~ 300~ 390~ 500~ 1600
StatusIn productionComing soonIn productionComing soon
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Operating ranges at a glance

Current (A DC)
Voltage (V DC)



The basic design consists of a moveable armature inside a hermetically sealed, gas-filled chamber. The armature is moved by an electromagnet and opens the contact to interrupt the high current. During disconnection of a high DC voltage normally an arc is generated.


Highly accurate and fast switching

The hermetically sealed ceramic arc chamber is gas-filled for highly accurate fast switching and ensuring reliable operation over the whole lifetime.

 Feature 1 switching-good

The TDK High-Voltage-Contactor Series extinguishes in 1.2 ms with clear break of current.

 Feature 1 switching-bad

The typical contactor part will extinguish in 4.6 ms with lots of fluctuations, which heats up the main contacts.

The TDK HVC series provides a longer lifetime and increased reliability compared with existing products due to
  • Less heat on the contacts
  • Less likely to become stuck
  • Less EMI

Contactless stuck detection – Hall


  • Available as Normally Closed (HC) or Normally Open (HO)
  • Tack welding proof – no tack welding of aux. contact possible
  • More than 1 million switching cycles
  • Short circuit proof due to ProFET technology inside
  • The Hall switch reacts only to the south pole of the indicator magnet only and is resistant to lateral stray fields.

The Hall sensor indicates a “Make” or “Break” depending on the presence of the magnetic field from the indicator magnet. It acts as a switch depending on the presence of a certain magnetic field. 
The indicator magnet is mounted to the axis, which is connected with the contact bridge. The up or down state of the axis changes the magnetic field sensed by the Hall sensor.

Single coil VS. dual coil

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Single Coil

  • No additional current durig make (pick-up)
  • Operating power: 6 W, 0.5 A @ 12 V
  • No economizer required
  • Integrated coil termination
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Dual Coil

  • Power during make (pick-up) 38 W, 3.2 A @ 12 V during 80...120 ms
  • Operating power: 4.2 W (0.35 A) @ 12 V
  • Hot-restartability (<1 s)
  • Works like an economizer but without the disadvantages of a PWM circuit
  • Integrated coil termination

Dual coil

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  • High-voltage contactors are not designed to permanently switch under load
  • The device switches under load only in case of an emergency
  • Switching capability depends on voltage, current, inductance and resistance during break
  • Dual coil for increased lifetime of >50%: 3000 cycles with 300 A @ 450 V, 1000 cycles with 300 A @ 750 V

Bipolar contacts

The HVC has a bipolar design so that connection is possible regardless of polarity. This is a great advantage during assembly and also allows charging and discharging of a battery without using a second contactor.

 Feature 4 bipolar2
 Feature 4 bipolar1


 Feature 5 icon-switching
>1 million mechanical switching cycles
CE marking, complies with EC Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC
All our sites are certified according to the following standards:
ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001
 Feature 5 icon-cruus
UL 60947-4-1 certified
File No: E491412
AFC Q200
Tested in accordance with
AEC Q-200, Rev. D
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Up to 1200 V DC operating voltage and 500 A DC continuous current capability.

Get data sheets and search

PDF Nominal coil voltage (V DC) Max. operating voltage (V DC) Continuous operating current (A) Coil type Auxiliary contact Type
- - - --- --- Accessory Cover shield
12 900 200 Single Coil No HVC200A-12
12 900 500 Single Coil No HVC500B-12
12 900 300 Single Coil No HVC300A-12
12 900 135 Single Coil No HVC135A-12
12, 24 1000 150 - 250 Single Coil No HVC43
12 1000 500 Single Coil No HVC500B-12
12 1000 300 Dual Coil No HVC300A-12E
12 1000 300 Single Coil No HVC300A-12
12, 24 1000 300 - 500 Dual Coil,  Single Coil NO,  YES HVC27
12 1000 500 Dual Coil Yes HVC500B-12SE
12 1000 500 Single Coil Yes HVC500B-12S
12 1000 500 Dual Coil No HVC500B-12E
12 1000 300 Dual Coil Yes HVC300A-12SE
12 1000 300 Single Coil Yes HVC300A-12S
12 1000 200 Dual Coil Yes HVC200A-12SE
12 1000 200 Single Coil Yes HVC200A-12S
12 1000 200 Dual Coil No HVC200A-12E
12 1000 200 Single Coil No HVC200A-12
24 900 200 Single Coil No HVC200A-24
24 900 135 Single Coil No HVC135A-24
24 900 500 Single Coil No HVC500B-24
24 900 300 Single Coil No HVC300A-24
24 1000 300 Single Coil No HVC300A-24
24 1000 500 Dual Coil Yes HVC500B-24SE
24 1000 500 Single Coil Yes HVC500B-24S
24 1000 300 Dual Coil Yes HVC300A-24SE
24 1000 300 Single Coil Yes HVC300A-24S
24 1000 500 Dual Coil No HVC500B-24E
24 1000 500 Single Coil No HVC500B-24
24 1000 300 Dual Coil No HVC300A-24E
24 1000 200 Single Coil No HVC200A-24
24 1000 200 Dual Coil Yes HVC200A-24SE
24 1000 200 Single Coil Yes HVC200A-24S
24 1000 200 Dual Coil No HVC200A-24E

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High current, high voltage DC switching

The High Voltage Contactor is a safety-relevant component, especially in electric mobility. It must safely disconnect very high currents and, at the same time, very high voltages in dangerous situations. The white paper describes the exact functionality.

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