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Multilayer Piezo Actuators

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TDK’s piezo actuators are characterized by their extraordinary dynamics, a high force-to-volume ratio and precision in the nanometer range. TDK achieves this with the patented High Active Stack (HAS) technology based on copper. Compared to electric motors, they are fast, small, light and powerful.

Thanks to their reliable performance – even under high temperatures and humidity – as well as their quick response and incomparable precision, piezo actuators can be used for a number of different applications in mechatronics. Countless high-end solutions in the field of nano-positioning technology, dispensing valves for semiconductor production and adhesives in production processes as well as for space applications are based on piezo actuators from TDK.

Piezo actuators are the core of modern, energy-efficient fuel injection systems. They improve engine performance as well as reduce emissions and save fuel.

With many years of experience supplying the automotive industries at highest quality levels, TDK provides solutions in silver/palladium as well as copper technology.

Design Range of TDK’s Product Portfolio

Typical parameter



10 … 45 mm

Cross section

3 x 3 mm² … 7 x 7 mm²


typ. 160 V


up to 100 µm

Blocking force

up to 3000 N

Temperature range

-40 … +180 °C


up to 1010 cycles


  • High-precision valve control for liquids and gases
  • Power actuation
  • Micro actuation
  • Piezo motors
  • Fuel injector drive


TDK’s HAS technology impresses with its outstanding blocking force and deflection compared to various actuators from various providers; regardless of silver/palladium or copper technology.


Product Information

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