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Perfect Lead-free Solution for Temperature Monitoring

The efficiency of power modules is typically highest when operating close to their limits, resulting in higher operating temperatures. A precise and accurate temperature control is essential to operate at these limits and to prevent the semiconductors in the power modules from overheating. To address the temperature accuracy challenge, TDK presents two 100 percent lead-free and RoHS-compatible solutions that describe the corresponding R/T characteristic curves of existing non fully RoHS-compatible technologies available on the market, enabling a seamless substitution.

Solutions for all Production Methods

NTC Chip L860

  • Assembling through silver-pressure sintering, soldering or gluing
  • Top side Ni/Au termination developed for direct Al heavy wire bonding
  • Various rated resistances available
  • Offering a narrow tolerance at high temperatures (e.g. 100 °C)
  • With the used materials and full surface mounting excellent response time

 Multilayer SMD NTC Thermistor B57*

  • 100 percent lead-free solution
  • Qualification based on AEC-Q200
  • High reliability and robustness in harsh environments
  • Comprehensive portfolio and short lead times
  • 1:1 MELF footprint compatibility

Feature Comparison

Power Modules



 SMD 1206




Max. operating temperature

175 °C (200 °C upon request)

175 °C

200 °C



without exemption

without exemption

with exemption

100% lead-free 





Case size and footprint compatibility

1.6 mm x 1.6 mm

EIA 0805 (MMU compatible)
2.0 mm x 1.25 mm
EIA 1206 (MMA compatible)
3.2 mm x 1.6 mm

MMU (2.2 mm x 1.1 mm)
MMA (3.6 mm x 1.4 mm)

(pick and place compatibility)

easy and consistent

easy and consistent

inconsistencies related to the component's geometry

Suitable for

 Automotive Industrial
 Renewable Energy

Get Data Sheets and Search

PDF Design Type Resistance (at 25 °C) (kOhm) Tolerance (%)
Leadless NTCs L860 5.2 ±7.4
SMD NTC thermistors, case size 1206 (3216) B57621C5 5 ±3

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Product Resources


Download Title Size
STEP-file NTC Chip L860 11 [kB]
STEP-files SMD NTC Thermistor B57* 36 [kB]

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