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Power Cube Metal

Inductors for High Current with Low DC Resistance

The requirements in the automotive area as well as for server and telecommunication applications increase in terms of higher current and performance improvement. TDK extends the Power Inductors product portfolio with the new PCM120T series which meets these needs.

The typical fields of use include primary DC/DC converters in automotive applications such as ADAS, power supplies for servers and base stations as well as various types of DC/DC converters. The PCM120T components are also perfectly suited to interference suppression, for example of electric motors in vehicles.

The Power Cube Metal inductor is a perfect choice if a high saturation current up to 80 A and a low RDC is needed.


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Characteristics and advantages

  • High saturation current
  • Ultra low RDC 
  • Inductance range from 0.4 to 10 µH
  • High temperature range up to +165 °C
  • Qualified to AEC-Q200
  • Size: 12.7 x 15.8 x 11.5 mm


  • Low RDC (flat wire winding) and low losses at high frequency resulting in high efficiency
  • Lead frame construction provides good coplanarity and solderability
  • Housing of ferrite material: Outstanding EMC performance
  • AOI (solder joint inspection) suitable 
  • High withstanding voltage suitable for primary converters, achieve ISO 7637
  • Metal drum core: Soft saturation and low drift at high temperature

Main and Typical Applications


  • Primary DC/DC converters in automotive applications, e.g. for ADAS
  • Differential mode choke in high voltage DC/DC applications
  • Vehicle motors: interference suppression

Base stations and Servers

  • Power supplies
  • Filtering in primary converters
  • Energy storage of DC/DC converters

Typical application example for PCM: Primary DC/DC converter for ADAS

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PDF Type Feature Inductance (µH) Saturation current (Typ.) (A)
PCM120T Wire wound 0.4 - 10 12 - 79.8

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