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A safe home for mothers and children in need

This year’s EUR 25,000 Christmas donation from TDK Electronics and TDK Europe will go to the Munich-based HORIZONT (“Horizon”) association. The HORIZONT team supports homeless mothers with children, providing them with safe living space on its own premises. Its sociocultural offerings are designed to help needy people become reintegrated in society.

HORIZONT was founded in 1997 by popular German actress Jutta Speidel, who still serves as its chairperson and who in 2005 was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her dedicated efforts. “Even Munich has mothers who suddenly find themselves out on the street with their children,” Speidel says. “In a situation like that, it is almost impossible to regain a foothold in society in your own strength.” She stresses that the coronavirus has made things worse: “Many women were already treated badly by their husbands. But now, the lockdowns and isolation have caused a lot of simmering tensions to rise to the surface.”

 Jutta Speidl

Jutta Speidel. Photo: Dirk Schiff


The association’s own Spagat (“Splits”) drama group seeks to inspire people and bring them together. Photo: Cordula Treml.

Back to a normal, independent life

The association has two buildings: a protected home for women and children, most of whom are deeply traumatized by the violence they have experienced; and an open house in which nearly 50 families live. There is also a crèche, a nursery, workshops for children and young people, and a variety of educational programs – not to mention the Spagat drama group. “That allows us to go a step further toward the goal of sustainably reintegrating people who have long been on the very extreme periphery of society,” Speidel explains. To date, the association has helped 2,500 women and children return to a normal, independent life. 

The donation made by TDK Electronics and TDK Europe will be used primarily to expand the Spagat drama group – a varied program of theater and dance, music, in-house workshops, readings and cabaret. “We firmly believe that creating and experiencing cultural projects together is a key to tearing down barriers and breaking the chains of social deprivation,” says Iris Fellner, a member of HORIZONT. The drama group’s motto for the new year 2021 is Inclusion. Events – some of them organized in collaboration with young Munich artists – will seek to build bridges between people of different cultures and nationalities and promote togetherness.

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