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Application Notes


The collection of PQS Application Notes will represent a library of in-depth information on PFC applications, case studies and reference projects. It also serves as a helpdesk for all topics relating to PFC and PQS, is suitable for training purposes and is designed to answer frequently asked questions.

Power Quality Solutions

Food Processing Industry: Power Quality Solutionskeyboard_arrow_right October 2015

Controlling the Power - PFC Controller Series BR604, BR6000 and BR7000keyboard_arrow_right August 2015

Getting Concrete: Power Factor Correction at SIW Co., Thailandkeyboard_arrow_right February 2011

Dynamic PFC: Thyristor Modules TSM Serieskeyboard_arrow_right January 2011

More Power with PhaseCapkeyboard_arrow_right November 2009

Design Rules for PFC Systemskeyboard_arrow_right July 2009

Detuned Filtering in Paper Millskeyboard_arrow_right November 2008

Strong Partners in Steelkeyboard_arrow_right September 2008

Damping of Inrush Currentskeyboard_arrow_right July 2008

Economical and Environmentally Friendlykeyboard_arrow_right May 2008

Support for suppliers: PFC in the Automotive Industrykeyboard_arrow_right March 2008

MKV Capacitors: Rugged Types for Rough Conditionskeyboard_arrow_right January 2008

Dynamic Administrationkeyboard_arrow_right October 2007

HomeCap: Residential Power Factor Correctionkeyboard_arrow_right October 2007

PFC in the Plastics Industrykeyboard_arrow_right September 2007

Spinning PFC - Case Study: Nahar Spinning Millskeyboard_arrow_right August 2007

Dynamic PFC: Power Quality at the Docks (China State Shipbuilding Corporation)keyboard_arrow_right April 2007

PoleCap: Power Factor Correction on Sitekeyboard_arrow_right January 2007

Optimized Design of Power Factor Correction Systemskeyboard_arrow_right November 2006