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PFC capacitors

April 14, 2016

Much longer life and higher energy density

  • Extended service life of up to 200,000 hours
  • 20 percent higher energy density of up to 11.8 kvar/l
  • High maximum permissible inrush current of 500 times the rated current (plus 25 percent)
  • Overpressure disconnector for all three phases

TDK Corporation presents EPCOS PhaseCap® Energy – two new series of high power capacitors for power factor correction. These components are available with gas or resin-filled housings. They are designed for voltages of 230V AC to 690 V AC and offer a reactive power of between 5 kvar and 33 kvar.

The life expectancy of the B25674* series of gas-impregnated capacitors has been possible to extend by nearly 40 percent from 130,000 to 180,000 hours. The maximum permissible inrush current was also increased by 25 percent to 500 x IR. The new capacitors can also be switched significantly more frequently: For example, the maximum number of switching cycles per year has been doubled from 7500 to 15,000. The maximum permissible operating temperature as per IEC 60831-1 has also now been raised by 5 K to 60 °C.

The B25675* series of resin-filled capacitors features an even longer life expectancy of 200,000 hours and is likewise designed for a maximum operating temperature of 60 °C and a maximum permissible inrush current of 500 x IR.

A further significantly improved feature of both series is their increased energy density in comparison with the existing types: For the 28 kvar / 440 V types, for example, this has been raised by more than 20 percent from 9.7 kvar/l to 11.8 kvar/l. This also results in compact dimensions: The new PhaseCap Energy capacitors feature a diameter of between just 75 mm and 125 mm, depending on the type, and a height of between 164 mm and 224 mm.

Like all EPCOS three-phase PFC capacitors PhaseCap Energy is equipped with an overpressure disconnector that isolates all three phases from the grid in the event of damage.

Main applications

  • Power factor correction in industrial networks with voltages of between 230 V AC and 690 V AC

Main features and benefits

  • Life expectancy of up to 200,000 hours
  • Maximum permissible inrush current of 500 x IR
  • 20 percent higher energy density of up to 11.8 kvar/l
  • Overpressure disconnector acting on all three phases

Key data

SeriesImpregnationRated voltage
[V AC]
Life expectancy
Max. temperature
B25674*Gas230 to 6905 to 33180,00060
B25675*Resin230 to 6905 to 33200,00060