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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

September 13, 2016

More compact designs for snap-in versions


TDK Corporation presents more compact versions within the B43640* and B43644* series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a snap-in design for rated voltages of 400 V and 450 V. In comparison with the previous versions they are up to 15 percent more compact. All types are suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C.

All versions of series B43640* are designed for a useful life of 2000 hours. They offer capacitances of between 120 µF and 1000 µF (400 V), and between 82 µF and 820 µF (450 V). Depending on the rated capacitance and voltage, the dimensions are within the standardized grid of between 22 mm x 25 mm and 35 mm x 55 mm (d x h).

The entire range of the B43644* series, on the other hand, has a useful life of 5000 hours. They cover capacitance ranges of between 100 µF and 820 µF (400 V), or between 68 µF and 680 µF (450 V). The dimensions of these types are within the standardized grid of between 22 mm x 25 mm and 35 mm x 55 mm (d x h).

The new capacitors are suitable, among other things, for the use in converters, power supplies and household appliances. In order to calculate the precise useful life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the use of the web-based EPCOS AlCap Useful Life Calculation Tool is recommended. This can be found at

Main applications

  • Converters, power supplies and household appliances

Main features and benefits

  • Very compact dimensions of between 22 mm x 25 mm and 35 mm x 55 mm (diameter x height).

Key data

SeriesRated voltage
Dimensions, d x h
Useful life
at 105 °C [h]
400120 to 100022 x 25 to 35 x 502000
B43640*45082 to 82022 x 25 to 35 x 552000
B43644*400100 to 82022 x 25 to 35 x 505000
B43644*45068 to 68022 x 25 to 35 x 555000

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