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April 5, 2016

Lineup of clamp AC current sensors expanded for high current applications


TDK Corporation has expanded its CCT series of clamp AC current sensors with a new 600-A type. The lineup of TDK current sensors is now positioned to meet the high-current sensing needs of energy management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities. The new CCT406393-600-36 current sensor has a clamp inner diameter of 36 mm and external dimensions of 56 mm x 67 mm x 96 mm. With a current transformation ratio of 3000:1, the output current is 200 mA. Mass production will begin in July 2016.

The new clamp AC current sensor achieves its high current rating thanks to its optimized sensor shape and high-performance ferrite material developed especially for current sensors. Moreover, the CCT series is manufactured with automated winding and soldering processes to ensure high quality.

With the addition of this new component to a current sensor lineup that already includes a 300-A (24 mm inner diameter), 100-A (16 mm) and 30-A (6 mm) types, TDK offers a comprehensive portfolio of clamp AC current sensors for a wide range of currents.

Main applications

  • Energy management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities (BEMS, FEMS, SEMS, CEMS)

Main features and benefits

  • Quick and easy installation in existing power distribution panels
  • Integrated open-circuit protection element for voltage peak suppression
  • Automated winding and soldering processes ensure high quality

Key data

TypeMaximum AC current 
[ARMS] *
Maximum output current 
[mA] ±1% *
Secondary winding resistance 

* 50/60 Hz

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