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SMD Varistors

Horizontal and vertical designs

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TDK is introducing its new SMD varistors that offer superior performance and space-saving advantages. Available in horizontal and vertical versions, these varistors are designed to fit various PCB layouts. They are available in two different sizes in both series to meet several conditions and applications.

Compared to leaded varistors with similar performance, TDK’s varistors feature a more space-saving structure, occupying only one side of the PCB surface. This design allows for other components to be soldered on the other side, saving even more space.

Feature highlights

Wide voltage range

  • Maximum RMS operating voltage:
    175 … 460 VRMS
  • Maximum DC operating voltage:
    225 … 615 VDC

Robust surge capability

  • Maximum surge current capability:
    • V10K** and H10K** 6000 A
    • H14K** and V14K** 10,000 A

Excellent thermal behavior

  • Maximum operating temperature: +125 °C
  • Damp heat, steady state: 
    85 °C, 85 % r.H., 0.85 VV (1 mA), 1000 h

Main advantages


Practical design

  • Available in two different sizes to meet a wide variety of conditions and applications
  • Vertical and horizontal versions to fit different PCB layouts

Compact solution

  • More space-saving compared to leaded varistors with the same or similar performance
  • The new SMD design occupies only one side of the PCB, other parts can be soldered on the other side to save more space
  • Surface mounting types are available for reflow soldering

Robust and reliable

  • AEC-Q200 qualification and approval for automotive applications
  • Robustness against humid heat and high surge
  • First on the market with outstanding performance and various product types

Comparison to other SMD series​

Competitor SMD series​

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TDK H14 series​


[mm] (l x w)

e.g. 9 x 7

e.g. 8 x 6.3

available for both vertical and horizontal versions

21 % less space on the PCB needed

RMS operating voltage

175 … 320​

175 … 460

Broader VRMS range to meet more customer requirements and applications

Max. surge current capability (Imax)



Significantly more robust surge capability

Operating temperature

-40 … +80

-40 … +125

Wider operating temperature range


Automotive qualified

Main and typical applications

 Power Supplies
 Solar Photovoltaic

Frequently asked questions

What is the main advantage of high-surge SMD varistors over leaded varistors?

High-surge SMD varistors offer the same electrical performance as leaded varistors. However, they are designed to significantly save space on the PCB.

Commonly used leaded varistors are through-hole components occupying both sides of the PCB, whereas the new SMD is mounted on one side only, leaving space for other components to be mounted on the opposite side of the PCB.

TDK offers various types of high-surge SMD varistors to meet a wide range of requirements and to find the perfect solution for the customer. They also come in two different orientations: horizontal and vertical.

Why choose TDK’s SMD high-surge series?

TDK offers a unique SMD high-surge series, comprising SMD varistors with outstanding electrical performance and various product types to meet more application design requirements.

  • Wider VRMS range
  • Larger operating temperature range
  • Better Imax performance
  • Space saving design
  • AEC-Q200 qualification

What is the recommended reflow solder profile?

For Sn-Pb eutectic assembly, we recommend profile features listed below. Average ramp-up rate is 3 °C per second max. Preheat between 100 °C to 150 °C, dwell time 60 - 120 seconds. Time maintained above 183 °C, dwell time 60 - 150 seconds. Peak classification temperature 220 - 240 °C, dwell time 10 - 30 seconds. Ramp-down rate 6 °C per second max. Time from 25 °C to peak temperature 6 minutes max.

Get data sheets and search

PDF Application Size Surge current (A) Max. operating voltage (V AC) Max. operating voltage (V DC)
Automotive --- 10000 175 - 460 225 - 615
Automotive --- 6000 175 - 460 225 - 615

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  • Design overview
  • Overview of types
  • Ordering code system
  • General technical information
  • Selection procedure
  • Application notes
  • Calculation examples
  • Soldering instructions
  • Reliability tests
  • Approvals
  • Quality and environment
  • Climatic conditions
  • Cautions and warnings
  • Taping, packaging and lead configuration
  • Symbols and terms
  • Equation overview

In order to download up to 20 files together as zip, please mark them with the check box. To start the download, please click the Download button at the end of the list.

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