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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Industrial

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TDK’s Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors offer a wide range of solutions for industrial applications in photovoltaic (PV) systems, wind power, medical applications, and power supplies. The portfolio features superior ripple current capabilities, compact design, long service life, and long-term reliability. Furthermore, we offer innovative solutions to meet the demands of demanding industrial applications with our new ultra-compact and multi-pin series.

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Screw Terminals

For applications such as frequency converters for drives, wind power converters, PV inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, and medical devices, our screw terminal capacitors offer a new robust design.

Main Features

Effective cooling

  • Good thermal characteristics
  • Heat-sink mounting enables efficient cooling

Prolonged useful life

  • Long estimated useful lifetime of up to 12,000 hours
  • High rated current capability

Special Features

  • PAPR terminals (Protection Against Polarity Reversal)
  • Low inductance types available

Main Applications

 Industrial SMPS
 EV Charging Stations

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Snap-in capacitors feature ultra-compact designs, outstanding ripple current capabilities, and long useful lifetimes. So, they are ideal for demanding industrial applications like DC link solutions for frequency converters, power supplies, servo drives and PV inverters, among many others.

Main Features

Excellent thermal characteristics

  • Low thermal resistance between base and winding
  • Special can design with adjusted length

Ultra-high ripple current capability

  • Increased ripple current capability
  • Resilient against rapid charging and discharging cycles

Compact designs

  • Outstanding compactness
  • Wide range of can sizes available

Main Applications

 Industrial SMPS
 EV Charging Stations
 Industrial Robots

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The new multi-pin series are designed with high robustness for fast charging and discharging cycles and are highly reliable. They are commonly used in PV inverters, frequency converters, EV charging and uninterruptible power supplies.

Main Features

Special Features

  • 4/5 Pin snap-in and solder pin design
  • Supports Poka Yoke mounting solutions

Compact designs

  • More capacity and current capability per volume
  • Different case sizes with optimized design

High ripple current capability

  • Offers high reliability
  • Good robustness for fast charging and discharging cycles

Main Applications

 Solar Photovoltaic
 EV Charging Stations

Special Features

Long Lifetime

In special applications where a longer lifetime is of high importance, our capacitors are known for their extra-long useful lifetime.

High Ripple Current Applications

Our capacitors offer extra low ESR and excellent thermal characteristics for demanding applications with high ripple currents like drives.

High Compactness

Our capacitors are characterized by outstanding compactness and high capacitance for applications with size-limiting requirements.

Latest Developments

Ultra-compact Snap-in series​

TDK’s new B43657 snap-in series is introduced with a more compact design and with higher capacitance per volume. This innovative and ultra-compact series sets new standards for the future and expands the range of applications.

Features​ and Benefits

Main features

  • Voltage range 450 to 475 VDC
  • Capacitance values from 120 to 1250 µF​
  • High ripple current capability upto 7.68 A
  • RoHS compatible


  • Ultra-compact design
    Design with can sizes from 22 mm diameter with high capacitance​
  • Higher capacitance​
    Increased capacitance by 20 % compared to the predecessor​
  • Highest surface increase
    Inhouse-developed anode foils with long-life oxide


 Power Supplies

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 Solar Photovoltaic


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