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October 18, 2022

TDK with its largest appearance to date at electronica

  • TDK will show more than 100 technology highlights at its 855 m2 exhibition area in total
  • Passive components, as well as sensor and technology highlights at the main booth A5.107
  • Sensor technologies, micro, and nano systems at booth B3.560
  • Power supplies will be at booth A4.503

TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) will showcase more than 100 technology highlights across its component and solution portfolio for the entire spectrum of electronics applications at electronica 2022 on its 855 m2 exhibition area in total, at the event located in Munich, Germany, from November 15 to 18, 2022. TDK plans to make its largest appearance to date at electronica this year, dividing into three booths, each with its own focus. The main booth in hall A5, will show passive components, modules and systems, sensor, and sensor system highlights as well as the latest technology developments from TDK’s R&D teams. The second booth in hall B3 will focus on a broad variety of sensor technology, micro and nano systems (NEMS, MEMS), and ASIC solutions. The third booth in hall A4 concentrates on power supplies, converters, filters, and accessories.

TDK’s exhibition booths will focus on digital transformation and energy transformation, with a spotlight on products and solutions for e-mobility, ADAS, and autonomous driving, as well as for Industry 4.0 and renewable energy generation. Furthermore, TDK will be presenting solutions for robotics, the Internet of Things, information and communication technology, and the metaverse. Additionally, jobs and career opportunities will be featured at TDK’s main booth A5.107.

Product highlights and demonstrations:

Booth A5.107: Passive components, sensor and latest technology developments

  • i3 Micro Module is the world’s first ultra compact sensor module featuring embedded edge AI for predictive maintenance applications. The new module integrates various sensors, edge AI, and mesh network functionality, facilitating data aggregation and processing, which had been difficult in the past.
  • Smart glasses featuring a remarkably small color laser module – a game-changer for AR with which TDK has now achieved a significant reduction in size. To achieve this miniaturization, TDK focused on a new planar waveguide technology that uses neither a lens nor mirror to achieve significant reduction in module size to one-tenth the typical size of a space-optics module.
  • PiezoHapt™, the world’s thinnest piezo actuator for haptic feedback, and PowerHap™ which offers unrivaled acceleration force and response time. This is supplemented by sound solutions based on piezoelectric ultrathin PiezoListen™ speakers for sound generation in a wide dynamic range.
  • CeraLink® ceramic capacitors will be shown in a high-power density bi-directional on-board charger for electric vehicles. In addition, for electric vehicle charging stations TDK will present reference designs with key components as PFC chokes, HF transformers and high voltage contactors (HVC).
  • CLT32 series presents the most compact SMT power inductors in their performance class for Power Management ICs (PMICs) in the double-digit ampere range.
  • SmartRobotics™ platform TDK RoboKit1, which includes among others a 6-axis IMU, four digital I²S microphones and an embedded motor controller.
  • Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) platform SmartSonic™. These sensor solutions are capable of ranging two targets of any composition up to 5 meters in any lighting condition.
  • A broad range of aluminum electrolytic, DC film capacitors, varistors and transformers for photovoltaic applications as well as highly reliable MKP film and ModCap™ capacitors for wind power applications. These components are also suitable for industrial applications such as frequency converters or traction converters.
  • Lithium-ion batteries for commercial & industrial applications, as well as for residential energy storage systems.
  • A superior solution for sterilizing and disinfection is an ozone generator based on the CeraPlas® cold plasma generator. CeraPlas is also the key element of the piezobrush® PZ3-i cold plasma unit. The unit is designed for integration into robotic based production lines.
  • Smallest available μPOL™ point of load DC-DC converter for applications such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G supplies and IoT networking.

Booth B3.560: Sensor technologies

  • TMR sensor frontend IC, making its first appearance at electronica, is optimized for demanding motor control applications with high accuracy and speed requirements, like traction motor rotor position sensing for electric vehicles.
  • Migne sensor, also a novelty, was designed to detect micro and localized magnetic fields and can be used, for example, as a scanning sensor for magnetic mapping to detect minute particles and contaminants.
  • Hall-effect based sensor solutions, like the stray-field robust 3D HAL® position sensor family HAL 39xy, should not be missed at the show.
  • SmartMotion® platform, a comprehensive development kit for motion sensor devices.
  • SmartPressure™ barometric pressure sensors deliver lower power consumption and lower noise than competing technologies and the AXO® 300 platform of miniature, closed-loop, high performance digital MEMS accelerometers.
  • Pressure-temperature sensors for thermal management, and pressure sensors for fuel tank leakage detection, and for industrial applications.
  • Temperature sensors for industrial surface temperature sensing and automotive temperature sensors including an e-motor busbar sensor, an e-motor small case series, clip-on sensors for heat pumps, and a sensor for high-voltage.
  • Acoustic Data Link (ADL) technology uses acoustic material waves instead of electromagnetic waves, enabling supply power and digital data transmission through closed metal surfaces without through-hole connection.
  • RIDE, TRACK and AUTO software, these inertial based positioning solutions leverage motion sensors and GNSS (GPS) to provide reliable positioning where GNSS cannot perform well such as tunnels, urban canyons and other obstructed situations.
  • VENUE, an indoor positioning solution leveraging magnetic and inertial positioning utilizing your mobile smart phones sensors.

Booth A4.503: Power supplies

  • Innovative power supplies and DC-DC converters targeted at the industrial, medical, test and measurement, communications, and renewable energy markets. Visitors will be able to see the latest high-density 7.5 kW 1U high additions to TDK’s GENESYS+TM family of programmable DC power supply systems, with products designed specifically for automotive test.
  • In addition, next-generation, low-profile, modular power supplies that are the quietest in their class, will be showcased at the event. TDK will be displaying the 2” x 4” 250 W rated CUS250M AC-DC power supplies meeting conducted and radiated emissions with generous margins and the CCG low-power converters.

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