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January 16, 2024

TDK launches highly durable inductor for automotive A2B®, supporting temperatures of up to 150 °C

  • Suitable for high temperature environments; supports a wide operation range of -55 °C and +150 °C
  • Conductive resin of the external electrode makes the series highly durable against mechanical stress and thermal shocks common in automotive applications
  • Achieves inductance tolerance of ±8% within the same lot

TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) has announced its latest inductor KLZ2012-A series (2.0 mm (L) x 1.25 mm (W) x 1.25 mm (H)). These multilayer inductors are designed for automotive audio bus (A2B) applications with a wide operation range, high durability, and superior inductance tolerance. Mass production of the product series began this month, January 2024.

With the recent rapid evolution of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies, automobiles are equipped with a variety of sensors such as cameras, radars and LiDAR, leading to a dramatic increase in electronic equipment. Moreover, automotive infotainment systems not only provide streaming services of music, videos and other multimedia content, navigation and internet connectivity inside vehicles, but they also communicate with outside systems. A2B is a technology designed to reduce the weight of cable harnesses consisting of a wide variety of these telecommunication buses, aiming at its final goal of increased fuel efficiency of automobiles.

The new KLZ2012-A series supports operation at up to 150 °C, which is critical for its application in high-temperature automotive environments. Additionally, thanks to the conductive resin of the external electrode, it is durable against mechanical stresses and thermal shocks. As A2B is a differential signal interface, it needs to reduce variability in nodes. KLZ2012-A series achieves inductance tolerance of ±8% or less within the same lot, contributing to the reduction of spurious harmonics generated by variability in inductance.

TDK will continue to expand its lineup of inductors with improved magnetic saturation and contribute to the market needs of the various telecommunication buses using A2B.

Features & Applications

Main applications

  • Automotive A2B such as sensors, audio lines

Main features and benefits

  • Supports a wide operation range between -55 °C and +150 °C
  • Increased durability against mechanical stress and thermal shocks due to conductive resin of external electrode
  • Achieves inductance tolerance of ±8% within the same lot


A2B: An abbreviation of "Automotive Audio Bus" developed by Analog Devices, Inc. It is pronounced as Ay-Two-Bee 

Key Data


[μH] @2MHz

DC resistance

Rated current Isat.1
[mA] max.


3.3 ±20% *



* The Inductance tolerance within the same lot is guaranteed to be ±8% of the center value.

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