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November 8, 2016

CeraLink™ series extended


TDK Corporation presents an extended range of CeraLink™ capacitors based on PLZT ceramic (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate). The low profile (LP) types for SMD soldering are now available with a voltage of 500 V and a capacitance of 1 µF, or with 700 V and 0.5 µF. The capacitors are characterized by their extreme volume efficiency and compactness. The dimensions of the variants with L-style terminal, for example, are 10.84 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm. Thanks to the compactness and the permissible maximum temperature of 150 °C, these capacitors can, for example, be embedded as snubber capacitors directly into IGBT modules.

The new types with J-style terminal have an even more compact design, with dimensions of just 7.14 mm x 7.85 mm x 4 mm. One great advantage of the CeraLink LP types is their extremely low ESL of just 2.5 nH. 

The CeraLink solder-pin (SP) type is available for higher capacitance values of 20 µF and 10 µF for the rated voltages of 500 V and 700 V, respectively. This type has a very low ESL of just 3.5 nH.

Thanks to their low parasitic effects, CeraLink capacitors are ideally suitable for converter topologies on the basis of fast-switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC. Voltage overshoots and ringing when switching are significantly lower than with conventional capacitor technologies. Special requirements in terms of size, current capability and temperature resistance can also be accommodated very easily with CeraLink capacitors.

Main applications

  • Fast-switching converters

Main features and benefits

  • Types available with voltages of 500 V and 700 V
  • Low parasitic effects

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