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January 16, 2014

Broad range of motor chokes up to 1500 A


TDK Corporation presents a new series of EPCOS motor chokes for the output side of frequency converters. These components, also known as dv/dt chokes, are designed for a rated voltage of 520 V AC. Their current capabilities range from 8 A to 1500 A, depending on the type. The new B86301U* series is suitable for motor cables with a length of up to about 100 m at motor frequencies of 0 Hz to 400 Hz. The smaller types are designed for a maximum switching frequency of 16 kHz, whereas this drops to 2.5 kHz for types with current capabilities exceeding 500 A. The design of the chokes corresponds to the IEC 60076-6 standard. All types of the new series are manufactured with the UL-approved T−EIS−CF1 electrical insulation system.

Motor chokes are longitudinal chokes, through which the total motor current flows. Their inductance flattens the steep current and voltage edges at the output of the frequency converter so that the parasitic capacitances of the connected motor cables are less strongly charged and discharged. Motor chokes are used mainly to protect the motor windings from voltage peaks.

Main applications

  • Frequency converters for drives
  • Suitable for motor leads up to about 100 m

Main features and benefits

  • Broad range of current capabilities from 8 to 1500 A
  • Rated voltage of 520 V AC

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