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May 21, 2015

Easier service life calculation of DC link circuit capacitors


TDK Corporation presents the EPCOS FilmCap Service Life Calculation Tool – an attractive new tool for supporting online design. The integral database contains about 250 EPCOS film capacitors from the B3267* and B3277* series for the DC link circuits of converters. This powerful tool enables as many as 10 load profiles to be entered at one time, calculated and stored, if desired, for later use. This powerful feature facilitates the design of applications with capacitor banks and single capacitors alike.

Following the calculation process, various parameters such as impedance, ESR, loss factor, life expectancy, Irms and Vrms are presented as graphs and printed out together with the result. The FilmCap tool also offers a smart search option which displays a list of suitable film capacitor types as soon as the key load parameters of an application have been entered.

All in all, the FilmCap Tool makes it considerably easier for design engineers to assess the performance of DC link capacitors under a wide range of conditions and to find the best solution for their application. The browser-based tool is available under

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