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April 26, 2024

Proud of 70 successful years


The Gravataí site in Brazil celebrated its 70th anniversary with a big ceremony. Numerous TDK guests from Japan, Europe and the USA as well as representatives from authorities and institutions in Brazil attended the event. Around 400 employees from the site took also part. A big family day had already taken place in March, at which around 1,600 employees and their relatives celebrated the plant's special birthday.


Front center: Noboru Saito (TDK President & CEO), to his right Dr. Werner Lohwasser (TEG CEO & COO and ECBC COO), Tako Ikushima (ECBC CEO), Ivânio Branco (Site CEO), John Nelson (President TDK Corporation of America (TCA)) and Serafim de Castro (Senior Director Automotive Sales TDK Corporation America (TCA)). To his left Joerg Devantié (Site CFO), Bernhard Koch (CTO & COO CAP BG), Clelia Mendes (the most senior female employee in Gravatai), and Tais Ruschel (Head of HR Gravataí).

Among the guests were TDK President & CEO Noboru Saito, ECBC CEO Taro Ikushima, TEG CEO & COO and ECBC COO Dr. Werner Lohwasser, CAP BG CEO Karl Stoll and CTO & COO Bernhard Koch. John Nelson, President TDK Corporation of America (TCA)) and Serafim de Castro (Senior Director Automotive Sales TDK Corporation America (TCA)) came from the US. Also present were the Mayor of Gravataí, the Japanese Consul in Brazil, who had already visited the site last year, as well as representatives from the Brazilian-German Chamber of Commerce, the Brazilian Electronics Industry Association and many more.

30 million hybrid polymer capacitors in SMD design

During a factory visit, the guests learned about the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. A special highlight was the unveiling of a silver sign at the production line for hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors in SMD design, which indicates the newly installed capacity of 30 million units per year. TDK President & CEO Saito started one of the production machines.



In the short speeches that followed, Site CEO Ivânio Branco emphasized the good partnership between the plant and the city of Gravataí. This is indispensable, as the company provides jobs on the one hand, but the employees also make the company's success possible. "This is the only way the site here could have reached 70 years old," said Branco. He then asked two of the long-serving employees to stand up and be congratulated: Clelia Mendes, 39 years with the company, and Zilmar Nogueira, 46 years with the company.

ECBC CEO Taro Ikushima emphasized the importance of the Gravataí site for the Electronic Components Business Company and the high technological and quality level of the products manufactured, which are supplied primarily to the global automotive industry.

Big Thank you for “great work”

This was followed by speeches to around 400 employees at the plant. TEG CEO and COO Dr. Werner Lohwasser thanked them for their “great work”, which has continuously driven the site forward. Gravataí is the only TDK site where both film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors are manufactured.

“You can be proud of the years of experience and technological expertise in products, processes and strategically important materials,” continued Lohwasser. “This know-how, acquired over decades, is the basis for competitive products to meet also future demands of the market.”

Then Mr. Saito spoke to everyone. He said that employees are the key factor for the success of TDK. As the company and society are being transformed (DX and EX), employees also must be in a state of continuous transformation, becoming better every day and creating value for all stakeholders such as customers, shareholders and also employees. Finally, he emphasized the importance of quality, not only for products, but also for all processes.



“To be opened on March 10, 2054”

Shortly before sunset, around 25 managers met for a ceremony with a time capsule. Inside are SMD polymer capacitors, defibrillator capacitors, a daily newspaper, a copy of the business presentation and a picture signed by all the colleagues who appear on it. The capsule was sealed together with a large TDK logo. A heavy metal plate reads: “To be opened on March 10, 2054”.

This was followed by a team engagement session in which the guests answered many questions on various topics, such as cultural differences between the countries, the market situation and future prospects, technological developments such as AI and much more.

Afterwards, a typical barbecue (Churrasco Gaucho) concluded this special day, which Site CEO Branco summarized as follows: “Today we have completed the celebrations for our 70th anniversary. We opened our plant to family members on March 10th, and now in April we have welcomed very important guests to share this moment with us. We are looking forward to continuing our successful journey together!”


At the time capsule ceremony, from left: Candido Dall’Agnol (Head of IT and Corporate Communication Gravataí), Tais Ruschel (Head of HR Gravataí), Joerg Devantié (Site CFO), Ivânio Branco (Site CEO), Taro Ikushima (CEO ECBC), Noboru Saito (TDK President & CEO), Serafim de Castro (Senior Director Automotive Sales TDK Corporation America (TCA)), John Nelson (President TDK Corporation of America (TCA)), Dr. Werner Lohwasser (TEG CEO & COO and ECBC COO), Karl Stoll (CEO CAP BG), Jeanice Freitas (Head of Quality Management Gravataí), Bernhard Koch (CTO & COO CAP BG) and Lorival Dambros (Head of Process Engineering and R&D Gravataí).

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