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May 19, 2023

Avnet wins the triple


Avnet is TDK's best global distributor in the past fiscal year. Dietmar Jaeger, Head of TDK's Global Distributor Division, presented the company with the TDK Global Performance Award. Before that, Avnet had already won the TDK European Distribution Award in Gold and the North America Distributor of the Year award in the USA. This makes Avnet the first distributor to receive all three TDK awards in a single year, making it a triple winner.

In Europe as well as in the USA and worldwide, Avnet achieved the highest growth with TDK products. “Avnet offers a very broad product portfolio and pushes both design and inventory,” says Jaeger. “It's the best of both worlds!” This supports early design-in of products into new developments and serves the demand for components in general.

“Our business with Avnet is a significant contributor to TDK's sales,” Jaeger continues. “The consolidation of our distribution network in recent years has led to a strengthening of the big distributors, which is reflected in the performance and sales share of our partners.” In 2012, TDK had 224 distributors worldwide with about USD 600 million in sales; ten years later, it has 120 distributors with about USD 1,400 million in sales. “This result shows us that we are on the right track,” says Jaeger.

Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher emphasizes: “Avnet is honored to win TDK’s Global Best Performance Award. TDK represents everything that makes our industry a great one and Avnet is proud of our 22-year partnership. With TDK’s commitment to delivering innovative electronic solutions for a smart society, we look forward to continued growth and alignment to support the evolving demands of our continually expanding customer base.”


Award at Avnet European HQ near Munich, from left: Rudy van Parijs (President Avnet Abacus), Matthias Jeck (Avnet Abacus), Jonathan Baumgartner (TDK Europe), Adam Losonczy (Avnet Abacus), Phil Gallagher (CEO Avnet), Slobodan Puljarevic President (Avnet Europe), Susanne Ertl (TDK Europe), Hagen Goetze (Avnet Abacus), Dietmar Jaeger (President TDK Global Distribution Division) and Matthias Schwendemann (Avnet Abacus).

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