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July 9, 2015

Film capacitors: High pulse strength and current capability in a compact design

  • Particularly high pulse strength
  • High current capability of up to more than 10 ARMS
  • Compact design

TDK Corporation presents two new series of EPCOS MMKP capacitors, which employ a film that is metallized on both sides. The new capacitors offer particularly high pulse strength as well as a high current capability. Depending on the type and frequency, the permissible current can be up to more than 10 ARMS. A further outstanding feature is the compact design of the MMKP series. The capacitors have dimensions of between 4 mm x 9 mm x 13 mm and 11 mm x 18.5 mm x 18 mm and are available with lead spacings of 10 mm and 15 mm.

The B32641B* and B 32642B* series of rugged MMKP capacitors are designed for voltages of 630 V DC or 1000 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 4.7 nF to 150 nF. The maximum operating temperature is +110 °C. The main applications are circuits that operate with high frequencies and currents, including resonant circuits of power supplies with an LLC topology. The MMKP capacitors are also suitable for use in switch-mode power supplies or ballasts for lighting systems.


  • MMKP technology: A metallized polypropylene (PP) film technology (MKP), which employs a film that is metallized on both sides to enhance both the pulse strength and the self-healing capabilities of the capacitor.

Main applications

  • Resonant circuits of power supplies with an LLC topology
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Ballasts for lighting systems

Main features and benefits

  • Particularly high pulse strength
  • High current capability up to more than 10 ARMS
  • Compact dimensions

Key data

SeriesLead spacing [mm]Rated voltage [V DC]Capacitance [nF]
B32641B*10630 / 10004.7 to 47
B32642B*15630 / 100010 to 150

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