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Welcome to the TDK PCIM 2024 Exhibition Highlights

We were excited to share our innovative solutions at the event, demonstrating TDK’s commitment to the energy transformation in various sectors.


Explore the details of our featured products and see how they can drive your projects forward.

Impressions from PCIM 2024

Product Highlights

Energy & Power Conversion (Wind, Solar, ESS, Hydrolyzer, etc.)

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This demo station showcases several key components such as DC link and EMI capacitors as well as high voltage contactors. Highlights include high-temperature DC link film capacitors, an enhanced version of the CLARA (Capacitor Life And Rating Application) web-based tool, and safety-related EMI capacitors. Also new is the second generation of ultra-compact aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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Heat Pump

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To efficiently operate heat pumps, pressure and temperature sensors are needed. This demo station shows TDK's integrated pressure and temperature sensors that reduce costs by significantly lowering the number of components. Also, other key components are shown like PFC and common-mode chokes.

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EV Charging

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Safety is critical to protect passengers, the vehicle, and the charging infrastructure. Therefore, highlights of this demo station include the HVC27 series of high-voltage contactors, an X2 Mini EMI capacitor, and the new InsuGate transformer for driving SiC MOSFETs. Reference designs for charging EVs at 22 kW and 50 kW using various key components from TDK are also shown.

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Mobility (ADAS and EV)

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The currents in EVs can become very high. Therefore, TDK showcases two new series flat wire high current inductors. Using a metal alloy powder as core material, the saturation characteristics of the ERU27M for surface mount and the ERU33M for through-hole mount are much softer than with the standard material.

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Haptic Applications

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Touchscreens can pose a safety risk when drivers are distracted from the traffic while operating them. In this demo station, TDK shows how haptic feedback can emulate push buttons and other control elements.

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Multilayer AlN Substrate and Submounts

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TDK's new smart AlN multilayer substrates and packages push the boundaries of high-power devices in terms of power density, heat dissipation, reliability, and the most compact footprint. Aluminum nitride's key properties are higher thermal conductivity compared to other ceramics and substrate materials, and a thermal expansion coefficient that matches that of silicon as well as SiC and GaN.

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