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Capacitor Life And Rating Application (CLARA)

CLARA is an intuitive search-oriented simulation tool for TDK and EPCOS film capacitors. It helps designers to find the most suitable product for their application conditions in just a few clicks. Within the design tool specifications of different products and the performance of the products under customer-specific application conditions can be simulated easily. Additionally, CLARA allows to include personal notes during a search and it is directly linked to the TDK Product Center for sample requests or product inquiries.


  • Powerful parametric search functionalities: search for capacitance and voltage range as well as for voltage, RMS or peak current, temperature, maximum dimensions and volume, approvals, reference standards, typical circuit position or application.
  • Personal notes can be added during the search process for project records and PDF generation (paper free).
  • Comparison of technical data of up to four part numbers, characteristics in clear table format, including curves comparison.
  • Simulation of application conditions of up to 4 parts in one click, including the frequency harmonics of current or voltage, resulting in a clear table split by parameters: operation temperature, DC voltage, AC voltage, peak current and expected lifetime*. It provides also an indication of the safety margins for every group, allowing the designer to adjust settings depending on the specific needs.
  • Application conditions can be stored for future use.

*Expected lifetime is an estimation and it is not provided in case of excess of any of the given ratings or in case of products that have no given reliability/lifetime figures in the corresponding product data sheet.

The use of CLARA is subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

CLARA stores cookies on your computer, tablet, smart phone and other devices to process information technically essential for the operation of the program. Please see Use of Cookies for details.