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Transient Voltage Suppressors

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PDF Series Ordering code Case size Capacitance, typ. (pF) Max. working voltage (V DC)
General purpose series B74111G0050M060 WL-CSP01005 SL 5 5
General purpose series B74121G0050M060 WL-CSP0201 SL 12 5
Sample Kit: General purpose series/ Ultra-low clamping and capacitance series B74999T9999M099 WL-CSP0201 SL/ WL-CSP01005 SL 0.48 … 12 ---
Ultra-low clamping voltage and capacitance series B74121U0033M060 WL-CSP0201 SL 0.65 3.3
Ultra-low clamping voltage and capacitance series B74111U0033M060 WL-CSP01005 SL 0.48 3.3

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