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Inertial sensors

May 16, 2017

High-precision positioning


Inertial sensors enable position, orientation, acceleration and speed to be determined very precisely in just a single component. Autonomous vehicles, robots, drones and many IoT applications rely on such aids. With the acquisition of the majority share in the inertial sensor and MEMS specialist, Tronics, TDK has strengthened its innovativeness and expanded its range of sensors and will market these components under the Tronics brand.

The range of products offers system designers a series of high-precision sensor products, on which MEMS gyros and accelerometers are based. The latest development is the Tronics GYPRO3300, with which TDK is setting new standards for compact MEMS gyros that can determine angle changes in three dimensions. The GYPRO® series of sensors consists of a MEMS die and an IC accommodated in a robust 30-pin ceramic package.

Best-in-class: automotive requirements far exceeded

The GYPRO3300 is factory-calibrated and temperature-compensated by means of an integral temperature sensor, enabling it to operate with stability and precision over a wide temperature range. It delivers a 24-bit signal via a serial peripheral interface (SPI), and the bias instability and angle deviation exhibit excellent values of just 0.8°/h and 0.1°/√h, respectively. These values far exceed the requirements of the automotive industry.

Figure 1:

Thanks to their high precision and stability, Tronics GYPRO® inertial sensors are particularly suitable for demanding tasks involving the sensing of positions and angles.

With its excellent performance in a single-chip solution, the Tronics GYPRO3300 qualifies as best-in-class and also offers compact dimensions of just 19.6 mm x 11.5 mm x 3.7 mm. This MEMS gyro is therefore suitable for extremely demanding applications such as the stabilization of oil drilling platforms, aircraft navigation, attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), as well as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The compact MEMS inertial sensors are based on the Tronics Magellan process technology that offers a new level of integration, enabling the measurement of as many as 6 axes in a single chip.

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