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TDK TDK Electronics · TDK Europe


The following trade names and product names of TDK Electronics AG are trademarks registered or pending in European and other countries:


  • AgriCap

  • CeraCharge

  • CeraDiode

  • CeraLink

  • CeraPad

  • CeraPlas

  • CSMP

  • CTVS

  • DeltaCap

  • DigiSiMic

  • ExoCore

  • FilterCap

  • FormFit

  • LeaXield

  • MiniBlue

  • MiniCell

  • MKD

  • MKK

  • MotorCap

  • PCC

  • PhaseCap

  • PhaseCube

  • PhaseMod

  • PhiCap

  • PowerHap

  • PQSine

  • PQvar


  • SIFI


  • SilverCap


  • SiMic


  • SineFormer

  • SIOV

  • SquareCap

  • ThermoFuse

  • WindCap

TDK Electronics points out that these trademarks as protected by TDK Electronics may only be used for the purposes of third parties with the express written permission of TDK Electronics AG.

Further details of trademarks protected by TDK Electronics  can be obtained from:
EPPING HERMANN FISCHER Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
on behalf of TDK Electronics AG
Fax +49-89-50 03 29 99